Saints Row 2 Goes Platinum

Saints Row 2 gets added to Microsoft's array of Platinum Hits titles.

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Blaze9293148d ago

And I think missed by alot of people. I actually enjoyed playing this entire game in co-op than I did playing GTAIV.

Kamikaze83148d ago

sweet. very underrated game. for me, this was basically what I wanted out of GTA IV, don't get me wrong, GTA can be hilariously stupid fun sometimes, but hey.

KionicWarlord2223147d ago

Wonder if will be on games on demand...

Dashmoney1013147d ago

when i play a game like GTA or Saint Row the fact that I can do almost anything I want is great. I would rather have fun than realism, lookin at you GTA. I thought it was a better title than GTA minus the glitches, bugs and small graphic details.

R2D23147d ago

I 100% agree with you, the sad thing is that Rock Star said that GTA IV was what they wanted the GTA series to be and they will not go back to San Andres. So look forward to washing your car,collecting mail and going on dinner dated with your mates on the next GTA series.

The only thing that dissapointed with SR2 was the Multi, I mean WTF happen to protect the pimp and blinged out ride and the way the cars dissappear when you look away is annoying, other than that if you have not played the game PLEASE PICK IT UP,FUN,FUN,FUN.