Modern Warfare 2 Features Cameo From 50 Cent?

Kotaku writes...... Rapper 50 Cent will be strapping on the bulletproof vest once again in a video game-but not one of his own. Instead, he'll be making a cameo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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saint_john_paul_ii3123d ago

oh god... this game will be bad if they put him in...

Timesplitter143123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

you mean "even badder"

Blaze9293123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

WTF Infinity Ward!? W..T..F!? That's all you can really say, WTF!?

Seems they want to reach that 11 million sold before the year is over at any cost. Overconfident asses, to go THIS far though!?

50's with NV goggles!

heroprotagonist3123d ago

I'm sorry but that's just stupid.

Sev3123d ago

Well he has been shot 9 times. LOL.

I'd love to shoot him a few more. I kid, I kid.

Panthers3123d ago

I wouldnt mind puttin a few rounds through him.

LONEWOLF2313123d ago

Dude seriously WTF?!?!?!?!
First a charge increase for the PC version then a 50 pennies cameo........what other lame stunt will IW bring tomorrow??
Maybe IW will make Carrot Top the main enemy or maybe youll get field intelligence from Kid and Play.

LiL T3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

One more reason NOT to buy this piece of drift wood. MW sucked and this one is looking to be a shiny piece of crap.

edit: shiny EXPENSIVE piece of crap

Greywulf3123d ago

You guys are allllll getting milked with mw2.

Enjoy, because Activision is going to ride ya for years to come as long as people keep pretending night vision goggles have anything to do with really pushing forward gameplay.

LiL T3123d ago

Ya for sure, It would be more innovative if they had 3D glasses. Though they would probably charge $149 and give you cereal box 3D glasses. I hope people stop supporting this foolishness. If not WOW, young gamer are really easy to impress. They don't seem to want to push gaming forward, just want the same thing over and over and over .......

dawgsfan1173123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

You people are all acting like he is gonna be the Mother F**ken main character or something. He is only one of several people doing voice acting in the multiplayer of the game. Hell sounds good aslong as I dont have to hear the exact same voice screaming at me in Russian throughout the entire match this time. Please everybody quit finding every tiny reason to hate this game. You will pay the same $60 you always pay for a new game and in turn get an exceptional single player and probably the best multi-player in any game to date. So please stop ur b*tching.

Edit: Lol i got a disagree within 5 mins. Please tell me how im wrong.

vickers5003123d ago

"You guys are allllll getting milked with mw2.
Enjoy, because Activision is going to ride ya for years to come as long as people keep pretending night vision goggles have anything to do with really pushing forward gameplay."

Uhh, Activision isn't making people purchase the collectors edition, idiot. And if you're a console gamer, which I would bet most gamers on this site are, then this should have no effect on you. And if you're a pc gamer, well join the f*cking club of pricing spikes us console gamers have had to endure this gen. It's ONE game you greedy pricks, and it's only 10 bucks more.

[comment I was going to post before I replied to that one]
I think I'm going to kill myself. 50 cent? F*ck! It seems Activision is catering to the 13 year old wannabe gangster crowd. I hope there is a way to disable the multiplayer voices or at least just 50 cents voice. At the very least, have him speak some proper f*cking grammar and not that ghetto slang bullsh*t that he spews in his music (no I am not racist, I just hate the ghetto slang voice, and any type of slang that doesn't even attempt proper grammar, such as rednecks).

likedamaster3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

"50 Cent is "one of many squad voices" that will be featured in the multiplayer and Spec Ops modes in Modern Warfare 2. Expect to hear Fifty saying things like"Reloading," "Watch your fire," "I'm down, get me up!" and "Tango Down!" according to Bowling."

No cameo, no cheezy appearance, just simple & clean voice work. MW2 for 360 day 1

madpuppy3123d ago

some character from a Will Smith film. damn, that would suck, using that contrived rapper voice in a game that prides itself as a relatively realistic first person combat simulation.

Man, I just thought of something funny, Imagine "fiddy" in basic training in the army and he tries to shoot his gun sideways like a "gangsta'" not only would his Sargent kick his A$$ but, that night he would get the bar of soap in a sock treatment from the rest of his bunkmates. like Private Pyle in "Full Metal Jacket"
I'd pay good money to see that.

kparks3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

WOW Are you people serious you all find every little thing to bit*h about are you really that concerned who does the VOICE OVER... COME ON...and stop hating on 50. man that hate sh*t is played out!! he doin his thing making money every one of us would do the same damn thing.. i dont like him... but im not going to be like 50 cent WTF were they thinking.. And matter of fact blood on the sand was a great game if you ACTUALLY PLAYED IT!!

jammy_703123d ago

then we can shoot his face off!!!!!!!!

Hobadoon3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

I agree, man. From the way people were reacting, I though he was going to be some kind of unlockable character and I literally said "really IW... really...?" Trust me, I was as annoyed as much as everyone else.

Then I read the article to find out he only did like 5 lines of voice over work for the game. Which then re-affirmed why I think so many members on this site just like to complain about dumb shyt. It's only A FEW LINES OF VOICEOVER WORK! What is the problem?

Half the time you probably wouldn't know it's him. If this article wasn't released I guarantee people wouldn't have known (until looking at game credits or something). Chill the hell out people. I feel people have turned this website from a gaming site into a "I need to blow off some frustration so I'm gonna b!tch and moan about every little thing on here" site...

Poopface the 2nd3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

I can see 50 full up in a jeep any yell at you "[email protected] GET IN MY CAR"

Id rather have X to the Z XZiBITs voice in cod /S

I wonder if this is why they raise the price to pay rich people to put their voices in the game.

To me it takes away from the game when you hear celebrities or the same voices in the game over and over. I feel the same about seeing the same people over and over in movies, especially if its in a similar role. Why not try and be original, it adds to the realism as opposed to detract form it. Do you think these "celerities" would ever be in a war, hell no.

Why not have a entire squad of rappers, and then one of actors and another of reality tv stars, and DElta squad could be washed up child stars voices.

Dont hate 50 I jsut would rather have voices ive never heard in the game.

Headshot813122d ago

you know mw2 will be lacking on something.

menoyou3122d ago

Okay, that's it. Now I'm really going to boycott Activision for sure. This is just ridiculous.

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Ninji3123d ago

As if I didn't already have enough reasons not to play this game...I guess I can just add another reason to the list.

dawgsfan1173123d ago

Because 50 cent will have about 5 lines of dialoug in the multiplayer? Thats a stupid reason. He is one of many doing this in the game and wont even be a noticable role. So for that you going to skip an amazing game?

WenisWagon3123d ago

Well, there goes MW2's chances at being a perfect game.

JonnyBadfinger3123d ago

when 50 cent can talk properly or push a word out of his fat lips that is understandable, then and only then do i want to hear it. As he is at the moment i cant understand 1 of his songs.

All the big black CoD gamers are gunna be going nuts ... Dawg!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3123d ago

...50 Cent!!! ;-D

+ It's just for a bit of Voice stuff i think. Just copy what they said in MW1 and stick it on MW2 because it will be the same old-$hit anyway in'it iiiiiiiiii4real!!! ;-D

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SeanScythe3123d ago

Do we get to shoot him? If so I'm all for it.

-Mezzo-3123d ago

Count me in i am all for it as well.

Megaton3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

He does voice work in the multiplayer? Yeah, that's wonderful...

"Defuse dat bomb, or die tryin!"

I dunno if I'm even gonna get this used anymore. Rental sounds good enough. Maybe just give it a try at a friend's house... or pass altogether. Whatever, I wash my hands of this. If I get to it, I get to it.

TruUnknowN3123d ago

LMAO, die trying, classic lol.

Panthers3123d ago

I could hear him yelling "I'M BULLET PROOF B***H" after killing someone.