Halo Wars On Sale for $39.99 @ Gamestop

JPS Reports: "Gamestop announced today the on-going sale for this weekend. If you still have not played Halo Wars, this might be the good time to get it as Gamestop has the game on sale for $39.99 saving you $20..."

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Saaking3083d ago

I'll buy it when it's 10 bucks.

-MD-3083d ago

Microsoft appreciates the support.

ThatCanadianGuy3083d ago

Maybe i'll pick it up.My dog needs a new chew toy.

He's getting tired of the 360 controller.

Saaking3083d ago

I'm sure your dog doesn't deserve to be punished with this sh!t

-MD-3083d ago

Microsoft appreciates the support.

Halo3 MLG Pro3083d ago

You should get him Infamous instead. Help out Sony for their failing exclusives.

TheMART3083d ago

Or get him MGS4 aka BluRay movie/cutscene CGI for platinum price of 29,99, or get him any of the other PS3 exclusives that drop so fast in price because they don't sell.

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NaiNaiNai3083d ago

Wow I was expecting one of you to atleast do the reset stats joke..

oh well, you all disapoint yet again.

BX813083d ago

This is actually a pretty good game to play. With the amount that you can do in game the control scheme is very simple and user friendly.

shutupandplay3083d ago

There are too many games coming out soon, and $40 is too much for halo wars at this point. $20 and it`s in my collection.

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