When Will Gaming Mature? A Call For Thought Provoking Content

Nidzumi writes: I've been on quite a journey. The last eighteen months have been a complete rollercoaster while I try to maintain Nidzumi. I've been lucky enough to sample a lot more games than before and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Its come at a cost though as I feel like I'm starting too lose touch with the "common-gamer" when it comes to these, so called, AAA titles.

When Modern Warfare 2 was announced I should have joined in with my fellow gamer and get giddy for the next round of Call of Duty. In fact it was the opposite as I was overcome by a sense of apathy. Infinity Ward has clearly created a brilliant game but I was left thinking, "it's just another shooter". How much is it going to revolutionise or even slightly push forward the medium we follow and love?

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kaveti66163122d ago

That depends on your opinion of what is thought-provoking content. For me, sexuality and nudity are not the type of thought-provoking content that I would call mature. They certainly do provoke thoughts, though.

My idea of thought-provoking content came first (at least for me) in the form of Bioshock. A lot of people criticized the average gameplay and the cliche Boss fight ending, but for me the environment and the audio diaries revealed a story about a particular vision of society. Games like Halo, while fun, have stories which have been visits so very often (alien invasion stuff), that they no longer seem mature.