Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Will Make You Rethink Wii's Graphics

Patrick Klepek of writes:

"Compared to what's possible on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it's easy to knock the graphical potential of the Wii. But Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles producer Masachika Kawata wants to prove the skeptics wrong. At Comic-Con, he told me a currently unrevealed stage in Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles pushes the Wii to places gamers probably didn't think it could go."

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ape0073239d ago

interested in this game

leon ftw

Guitarded3239d ago

So you are actually interested as opposed to feigning interest. Interesting. Do you feign interest in games often? For what purpose would one feign interest in a game?

MEsoJD3239d ago

another Rail Shooter.


mrv3213239d ago

It's an on-rails shooter, hardly demanding on graphics, there is no user interaction only pointer interaction and basically the only non-scripted event is the zombies movement which is slow and yes it does look good but it would nothing close to that if it wasn't on rails

Extraction looks better/better graphics to me it also look scaier and although this Resident Evil is set in the dark(unlike some of RE5) it's still pretty bright.

ChickeyCantor3239d ago

" but it would nothing close to that if it wasn't on rails "
Not sure, RE4 on the GCN looked very good, with a more efficient and powerful hardware who knows?

Not sure how character movement would drag down the visuals into a ps1 mess.

Troll-Killer3239d ago

...and then I saw it being played at GameStop. Um, no. :o

CobraKai3239d ago

Isn't that what they said about The Conduit? That game looked alright, better than most wii games but not as good as Galaxy or Prime 3. This game does look good. Better than RE4 in my opinion. Man I miss me some zombies.

-MD-3239d ago

I highly doubt I'll be impressed by any Wii game's graphics throughout this entire generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.