Triple Play Episode #3: PS3 Price Drop and Upcoming Titles Enough To Surpass 360 Sales?

* Fiscal Numbers Hit
* Sony to Announce PS3 Slim and Price Drop at GamesCom?
* PS3 Price Drop and Upcoming Titles Enough To Surpass 360 Sales?
* EA Makes More Profit On PS3 Then The Xbox 360
* Sony Files Trademark For P.S. Thanks
* Upgraded PSN Service Coming
* Rage PS3 Concerns
* Gran Turismo PSP And GT5

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Nick2120043270d ago

I feel that it may be a little too late in the game and since 360 is ahead of the PS3 by around 8 million consoles in the North America, Sony would need to pull something incredible off. I know GT5 and GOW3 are coming along with a price drop, but will this be enough? Only time will tell.

Greywulf3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

People have..well Morons have been arguing sales on this site for years. Myself included. Hear that? Years.

Whats changed? Absolutely nothing. Although its cheaper than the Wii, the 360 fails to beat it. Although the PS3 is the most expensive console, it still performs well for publishers. The 360 isn't going to "win" this gen. Nintendo already has with the Wii. People denying this just have ego problems. Nintendo pwned Sony as far as console sales go. But, shockingly.. the Wii hasn't put the 360 out to pasture with a kabillion lead.

Which is why the first loser, is never going to put the second loser out of business when they are both losers to begin with.

-The PS3 is the best hardware, It plays the best games & exclusives, and the online is free.

-The 360 has terrible hardware, Its cheap, easily hackable, It plays the best games & exclusives, and you are nickle and dimed at every corner. But, its Microsoft. So, what did you expect? Anyone remember paying 20 dollars for a remote to use your dvd player? Think about it.

-The Wii is fun, and the world loves it. Wii______ has sold more than Halo3 & Killzone2 combined.

Thats pretty much it. Sure sales are fun to piss of fanboys, but ultimately.. no one is going anywhere. Its not dreamcast all over, or Xbox1. Nintendo threw a wrench in this gen, and laughed all the way to the bank. And with a year head start, MS can barely keep ahead of the PS3 without dropping its price. The only owning is being done by Nintendo right now folks.

As gamers, we all know where we go for second to none games with the best visuals/gameplay. And not generic unreal engine action blah #4.2 with dlc.

Nick2120043270d ago

I understand that sales really do not matter, but they can matter in certain situations. If you were developing a game and wanted the most money possible, you would go multiplatform and if not exclusive on the 360 because of the sales. This could lead to the lack of 3rd party exclusive titles and DLC as we have seen.

Headshot813270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

When a ps3 owner mentions sales, it means that he got a SALE on his sony hardware. A ps3 owner bought a ps3 for cheap, since SONY sold the hardware at THEIR lost. Its a fact that sony lowered the price to the point where they lost an continue to loose money on every ps3 sold. Sony gives you a bluray player,gaming +media system,HDD,wifi, at THEIR lost, they sell the ps3 cheaper than what it cost them to make it. Dont forget that online is free. And they offer good services online if you want to buy or rent movies . SONY wants you to have their "HIGH END" hardware at their expense.

Now it's a different story with MS' 360. When the 360 launched, it was premature. MS new that they couldn't stand a chance against sony, so they decided to launch WAY too early. Thats extremely selfish in their part, since they shipped and continue to ship defective consoles. This is THEIR gain and YOUR lost. Then you argue that MS now has a a "3-Year warranty" backed by billions of dollars, and that its defective issues don't matter. Dont forget that your 3-year warranty stays with your original console, so the "3- year plan does not renew itself when you get the refurbished console, so you will have to buy ANOTHER 360 once your 3 years are over . You actually think they were geneurous and grabbed those billions from their bank account, think again, You're paying for it from their XBL fees, which they will generate billions with once you start to click on the "commercial adds" on your XBL interface that was PAID FOR. It's funny and sad because you're bragging about "impressive" sales and how well MS is selling, when YOU(the 360owners) are the ones being screwed by MS to get those sales.
It doesn't matter how much you "like" the 360's games, because you're still been screwed by MS. They release alot of games to keep you hook. Because once that 3- year warranty runs out, you have no choice but to buy another 200-300-400dollar console, because there's no way in hell you'll get back the money already spent on all the hardware and software that you already bought. The junky is now hooked. great move for MS who's making billions, while the consumer who bought the 360 is screwed, nice job with the sales 360owners!

soxfan20053270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Actually, the 360 is more expensive than the Wii. According to NPD, the average selling price of a 360 is $270, which - last time I checked - is more than $250. Not to mention, it was being argued as recently as YESTERDAY by PS3 fans that the 360 is really more expensive than the PS3. But, that's typical of the PS3 camp - the 360 is half the price when it suits one arguement - it's more expensive when it suits another.

@greywulf - intersesting statement about where to go for "second to none" visuals & gameplay. I wonder - why did you switch from Xbox last generation to Playstation this generation? Based on your history, I can't imagine that you settled for the less powerful PS2 over the Xbox last generation, considering the Xbox was clearly the most powerful, more reliable, more feature-laden console.

"MS can barely keep ahead without dropping it's price"? Let's do the math. PS3's primary SKU, the 60gb, released at $600. It's primary SKU, the 80GB, is now $400 - a 33% price drop in less than 3 years. The 360's primary SKU, the pro, was released at $400. It's now $300 - a 25% drop in just under 4 years. The Arcade has seen the same 33% drop ($300-$200) as PS3, but it's not the primary, best selling SKU. Any way you look at it, Sony has already had bigger price drops than MS, and they still are behind. If PS3 goes to $299, that would be HALF of the original price in less than 3 years - unprecedented in the industry. The PS1 and PS2 demolished the competition without similar price cuts - why does the PS3 need them just to get out of the cellar?

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Typical-Guy3270d ago

Sony is in the competition with 3 devices,it's hard to focus on one and leave the others.This what made PS3 sales less than X360.I wish Sony all the best.

Nick2120043270d ago

I see where you are coming but I honestly feel the three main reasons for them selling less than the 360 are below.

High Price
Coming Out a Year Later
Mostly New Franchises and Not What Created The PlayStation 2

Typical-Guy3270d ago


but if your console didn't sell well,how are you going to make money from it. I'm with you in sales don't matter,but for a console it really matters.

OGharryjoysticks3270d ago

It's next year the pounding begins with the entire year at the lower price. Sony has moved a boatload of games to release next year at what appears to be a steady stream on top of the motion controls which should be out before the summer of 2010. I see most of the damage being done in the first half of the coming year. The economy is slowly getting better. I won't be surprised when people use tax refunds to dip in to HD gaming and blu-ray.