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IGN writes:

Madden NFL 10 packs a lot of football under its 60 dollar price tag, especially if you have both the PS3 version and the PSP version. While some of the modes don't perform as well as I'd like, every football fan will still be able to latch on to something for months of fun. The graphics have taken a nice step forward from Madden 09 and the presentation does a wonderful job of emulating the experience of watching a game on Sunday. Commentary and general voiceover work is pretty bad, but it doesn't overly dampen the gameplay. Madden NFL 10 doesn't redefine the series or innovate in any monumental way, but that doesn't stop it from being a truly great football game.

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Lfmesquite3271d ago

the NFL would say F*ck you EA, go out and actually earn the money you make with real games like all the other game developers.

EA just banks off the NFL every year with the same crap.

Hercules3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

i even read the review? this game is completely awesome..EA is actually listening to their fans..ian cummings added a feature a suggest and fixed some what do you expect now?

if it is the sound crap..maybe you should READ the review and research yourself, then look at the past game..maybe you will see then

Trey4Lyfe3271d ago

Dead Space and Mirror's Edge Say hello. EA has made new franchises, its time to get over the hate.

Handsome_Devil3271d ago

or maybe move the hate to activation :P

SixTwoTwo3271d ago

Brutal Legend, Dante's Inferno and Dragon Age are new IP's from EA and they all look excellent.

poindat3271d ago

I think that this may be first Madden game worth buying in a while. It certainly seems that although EA continues to milk the hell out of it, at least they are doing it with style now and actually listening to the fans.

I'm really digging the "new" EA.

kratos173271d ago

EA arent as bad as activision and you can really do much with a football game

Guitarded3270d ago

EA=Activision in game quality
EA>Activision in price(for now)
Activision>EA in customer privacy.

EA is the only publisher that has forced me to allow them to have access to my XBOX Live account information in order to play their games on Live. If I accept their terms to play their games, I get tons of junk email on the address I used almost immediately. I hate EA for their advertising tactics.

Activision and their pricing just reinforces my decision at the start of this generation, not to pay more than $50 for most new games. There are four exceptions. None of them are a COD Game.

Ebay is my cheap friend!

Hercules3270d ago

and nothing to do with the review or game for that matter..did you know you just filter EA's emails to your junk folder..i heard it works wonders..then again, you only have two bubbles, so i guess you didnt know thatt

JD_Shadow3270d ago

Life just dislikes them because they seem to be favoring the PS3 now as opposed to the 360. Don't be too fooled: there's an ulterior motive to THAT "hatred"!

JL3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I agree with what a couple others above me said. I think EA has redeemed itself a bit (maybe not completely just yet, but they definitely seem to be on the right track and are moving that way). From everything I've heard, this Madden is actually good and a great step for EA. This seems to be the time when you can't say it's just the same ol' same ol' from last year just with updated stats. Seems they are earning their pay with this iteration of the franchise. Not to mention, all the great games and new IPs they've had recently (and upcoming). I'm glad EA has turned a new leaf. And, just like they were ridiculed and criticized for being their old self, they should be commended for how they've improved this generation. As one dude above said, Activision is definitely the one gamers need to start getting at, maybe after enough time they'll see the light too and start listening to the gamers like EA seems to have done.

SoulBrotha32923270d ago

I just got the game yesterday..N i can say ITS THE BEST MADDEN YET..ALl the errors you see in the demo have bin fixed..And the speed of the game that every1 is complaining about has been fixed..BUY THIS GAME..BTW PANTHERS ALL DAY...this is not a waste of your money..EA has listened to all n have improved this game

Mini Mario3270d ago

Why are games so simulated ? Cant games just be "games".

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kingOVsticks3271d ago

you can't just assume its just another madden game without actually playing it. EA is actually doing pretty good jobs with the games they have been releasing up until now and after watching the review its seems EA has done some noticeable improvements(atleast to the fans) for madden 10. Sure the NFL 2k series was awesome and in some aspects better than madden. But NFL 2k may never come back so instead of yelling at EA about buying the NFL license how about just giving their games a chance first?

II Necroplasm II3271d ago

There is no point in being mad at EA cause the NFL put the offer on the table for the exclusive license. EA just won the bids for it.

So it's on the NFL for killing the competition, which sucks...cause now EA can be lazy instead of having to step their game up, but Madden 10 looks pretty good and better than the last game.

Guitarded3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I blamed and have been mad at the NFL since I first heard of the license "consolidation". I will, however, continue to watch my Cardinals. Who very nearly rewarded my many years of support with the ultimate prize early this year. I'm hoping Kurt can finish the job this season! I just want the laughing and pointing to stop whenever I tell people I'm a Cardinals supporter. Please!

mugoldeneagle033270d ago

EA still has a ways to go to get back on my "good side" so to speak, but they've made a ton of strides the past few years, while Activision has gone the opposite direction.

Gamer_Politics3271d ago

i'll be buying this game since the gameplay has improved

Hercules3271d ago

we dont have people on the bandwagon..if you notice, Activision is the one to hate on ("if it were to to me, i'd raise the price even higher") madden nfl 10 is a GREAT game, and to date, it is better than nfl2k5 (i still play it on xbox) so please stop saying "another roster update" or "nfl2k5 is the best" seriously get the demo and play it...

OGharryjoysticks3270d ago

All-Pro Football played better than NFL2K5.

-Mezzo-3271d ago

Nice score. i will pick this up later this week.

JonnyBigBoss3270d ago

Same here. Maybe I'll see you online.

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