LucasArts Retro Game Announcement on Monday - Not X-Wing

Lucas Art's Twitter writes:

"Got a back-catalog announcement on Monday. It's not X-Wing! I'm heading THAT rumor off at the pass!"

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guitarded773241d ago

Just announce all your back catalog so we can move on to a Star Wars Battlefront 3 announcement.

madpuppy3240d ago

talk about pathetic, Lucasarts was top of the line back in the day, then they shoot themselves in the foot. I don't even consider their games when I am browsing looking for something to play. they really need to bring back some classic Star wars FPS and 3rd person games. as well as their adventure games.

Screw you George Lucas. you lost your magic.

Siesser3240d ago

Probably one of, like, three hoping for this, but I'd love Lucas Arts to release some new Monkey Island. Escape From Monkey Island was one of the most "new" and "eye opening" experiences for me when I first played it, and I miss both it and the genre. That it's downloadable only on the 360 makes me weep a little bit inside. Just a teensy bit. Sadly with the expense of this gen, it's hard to imagine them paying out for such a niche title, but I'm hoping the progression and popularity of DLC will allow wuch a game to see the light of day. We (us three) want more Threepwood!

Charmers3240d ago

Just a heads up but it is also available for download on the PC as well and you don't need a massively well endowed PC to play it.

Besides I lost all respect for Lucasarts when that guy claimed PC's couldn't run Force Unleashed. I won't touch anything this company releases on the PC because I no longer have faith in this pathetic company or their products if that is how they think.