Dragon Quest IX Expected To Sell 5m Units

Gaming Union writes "News has been flooding out of Square Enix's most recent financial media briefing, with investors and journalists clamouring to find out Square Enix's plans.

Comparing Dragon Quest IX to Dragon Quest VIII, which was released on the PlayStation 2, Yoichi Wada, the president of Square Enix, stated that he expected it to achieve at least 5m unit sales. This effectively means that Square Enix expect Dragon Quest IX to surpass Dragon Quest VIII."

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Kyll2993d ago

should be interesting if it makes that, prove the DS was the smart move

EpsilonTeam2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I own every console out there, i'm not a ds or a psp fan but it's the game that sells not ds.
Do you actually believe that on psp would sell less? Monster hunter series proves psp's pontential. Some games are just system sellers. And the only reason i prefer DQ on psp is because of it's bigger screen and better graphics.

GameGambits2992d ago

5M Global scale wise or just Japan? Global wise I'm sure it'll happen no problem, but Japan only is a bit of a stretch. The only way it'll have a big boost of sales to reach that is if winter '09 it was one of the only games Japan wanted still. However, they get FF13 this winter and most Japanese gamers will be buying PS3s + that game so their wallets will be thin.

I'm def. gonna buy this game though when it comes stateside, but I'm more looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days next month from Square's line up this year.

-Mezzo-2993d ago

i doubt that. the hype seems to be finished.

kratos172993d ago

why wont they release a console dragon quest

qface642993d ago

they will DQX is coming to the wii