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Saaking3089d ago

phew... for a moment I thought it got delayed to 2010. November isn't bad, it'll serve as my replacement for COD MW2.

JL3089d ago

I know, my heart sank a lil bit when I read the title. But thankfully it's just delayed til November. This is actually good news as far as I'm concerned. It clears up October for me a lil bit. That means I only have like 5 games to buy instead of 6 for October.

jessehaysfl3089d ago

yeah im glad because there is waaay to much stuff in october

-MD-3089d ago

Not a big deal.

As long as it's still 2009 I'm fine with it.

Acidicpack3089d ago

Hells yes its a big deal. Well at least to me it is. This is the one game I have been most looking forward to this year. sigh.............

Tony P3089d ago

Yeah, me too. This is the ONE. A bigger blow than you'd think since I'm not a fan of all these popular shooters and action games coming out.

Oh well, November. *twiddles thumbs*

DonCorneo3089d ago

well, demon's soul pwns this pos, anyway
this sh!t is more of a game for nerds.. graphics look ugly, no co-op just single and lonely like xbot and pc nerds. wow, 4 character-party combat is so innovative.. but marvel ultimate alliance will be released 2 months before this pos..

though, those nerd will love sex in a videogame -- that's as close as they get to the real thing. and the media will overrate this pos since is a western rpg.

Toenado3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

It appears that your mind is made up regardless if this game rocks. And although Demons Souls is a great game Dragon Age Origins will bring a more in depth experience.

Acidicpack3089d ago

You sir are truly an epic fail!!!! I don't see how you can even call your self a gamer.

Chris3993089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

The last few builds I saw - particularly the console versions - looked really rough around the edges.

It just wasn't up to par with what Bioware usually puts out. I think a good delay would be beneficial at this point. Expect this to "slip" again. Probably end up as a Q4 February/ March release.

I'd rather buy a polished, glitch-free, playable game than a game that doesn't live up to it's potential. That's all I'm saying.

JL3089d ago

I can't agree just because I haven't seen the last build or how far along the game is and how polished or unpolished it is right now. I wouldn't say that I want it to slip to 2010, so I won't shoot you either. If what you say is true though, about it truly needing it, then I wouldn't be so miffed if it did take the time it needs to be polished and good. I have plenty to hold me over til then anyways. Hell, like 5 other games I want in October alone. And actually, just the games coming in October will be more than enough to cover me for the rest of the year. Then Arkham Asylum and Afrika, maybe WET, will keep my occupied til October, plus a few games I have now that I still need to finish. So yea, it won't break my heart if it slips further, but not like I want it to. Though it does need to take its time to get it right and all polished up.

Chris3993089d ago

There are other copies of this build floating around, but it doesn't look promising for a game so close to release.

Here's a "better" one (likely off a PC build though and it still looks a little bland):

I'd really like them to put this bun back in the oven, as I'm interested in purchasing this title - just not as it is currently.

JL3089d ago

For whatever reason, I can't get that first link to work for me. That gametrailers one though..yea, something is a bit off about it, a lil bland. However, looking through the other trailers they have on it, I noticed an even more recent gameplay video they have for this game:
This one looks much better than that gametrailers one you posted I think. And looks more than acceptable for me (i'm not a graphics whore or anything, so it doesn't have to be the best looking as long as it's fun---not trying to say you are). So if they can make the console version look like that gametrailers link i just posted there, then I'm completely fine with no further polish. Then again, like I said before, I'm not going to be upset if they do delay it even more as I have more than enough for this year to play already (especially in October).

likedamaster3089d ago


What are you talking about, it looks awesome!


that trailer was awesome -- how he took him down, bad *ss.

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DelbertGrady3089d ago

Bioware is probably my favourite developer this gen. Just felt like saying that =)

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