VGChartz Review: Fat Princess

Fat Princess isn't quite up there with the best the PSN has to offer, but it's nonetheless a stellar addition to the PSN library. A handful of the game modes will prove little more than a brief distraction, but the core of the game is its online multiplayer match types, and here the gameplay is frantic and becomes increasingly enjoyable as you learn to master the game. With a bright, colourful art style, offset by masses of blood and dark humour, Fat Princess is a beautiful game and well worth a purchase.

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Wakka_2999d ago

This game is awesome, ya?

A_Little_Girl2999d ago

its spectacular, incredible, wonderful, unbelievable, amazing, inspiring, extraordinary, magnificent, outstanding, preeminent, remarkable, fabulous

Max Power2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

that they (vgchartz) should redo their review considering the patch just fixed all the connection problems. But yes the game is pretty sweet, and I think the ranking system needs to be tweaked.

Homicide2999d ago

I have about $20 on my PSN account. By the time the Slim comes out, this game will be patched up really nicely. Can't wait.