Dragon Quest IX Coming To North America In 2010

Gaming Union writes "Yoichi Wada, the president of Square Enix, was recently speaking to journalists about his company's performance in the first period of the new financial year. Dragon Quest IX came up, obviously, but questions were fielded about an overseas release."

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Kyll3270d ago

oh boy, I'm on the "not interested" segment xD

mephman3270d ago

You should always be willing to try new things. :)

GameGambits3269d ago

I've only played Dragon Quest 7 back on PS1. The game was great though, but still felt it wasn't awesome due to the lack of never seeing your characters in the fights. You just watched monsters get hit from weapons/magic formed out of thin air.

DQIX though would make a great portable game. I can forgive the lack of seeing character models in a portable games hence why I love Devil Survivor on my DS.

Looking forward to this one. :)

TheColbertinator3270d ago

That was expected.Damn 2010 is turning an RPG madhouse

Selyah3270d ago

Not bad at all, shame its still a way away.

Saaking3270d ago

Great, has anyone played it? Is it good?

Riddicrash3270d ago

So based on past events I will probably get to play the game sometime around 2015 :(...In all seriousness though hopefully the UK will not get it too long after America, if not the same time!

mephman3270d ago

Based on how things are going with regards to localisation recently, it'll probably appear around the same time.

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