Fat Princess: Sony America Patch Live

Titan Studios writes: "The Sony America connection and lag patch is now live. For those of you in North America (as well the rest of the community served by Sony America), turn on you PS3's, fire up Fat Princess and you should get the update. Europe is coming next week. As noted in the previous blog entry, Titan Studios had nothing to do with this timing. Before you skewer us, please read the previous post."

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Megaton3026d ago

Nice, was just thinking about firing up this game to see if it was patched yet.

SubZero3026d ago

These guys mean business i love it quick patch. 6 Slant take some notes and stop messing up my dam SOCOM!!!

Wakka_3026d ago

Slant 6 sucks. Half GB Praise be to Titan Studios for giving us a speedy patch. I hope they add clan support or something.

G3TDOWN3026d ago

Worths everysingle PENNYYYYYYYYYY !!!!

chrisnick3026d ago

so i just hit the x button to start up fat princess and my ps3just yeah.

chaosatom3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

But now they seem to fix that.

what's so good about game? and What's genre is this game, like more towards strategy, or more towards action, or more towards RPG.

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NegativeCreep4273026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I mean, Praise be to Yevon!!! BTW Wakka, I know you banged Lulu and took her funbags out for a ride. how were they? I only ask because I'm a big fan.

DasBunker3026d ago

thats is awesome... finally im gonna be able to jump back in it..

Silly Mammo3026d ago

This is great news. Thanks Titan!

JonnyBigBoss3026d ago

Thank goodness. Now Fat Princess is the top downloadable game. Good job Titan Studios.

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The story is too old to be commented.