Dante´s Inferno - Third Dev Diary Trailer

Visceral Games published the third developer diary trailer featuring the third cicle gluttony. Enjoy.

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Cwalat3268d ago

Even though it is an obvious replica of God of war, i'm gonna buy this. It just looks too damn interesting to pass on. Who doesn't wan't to experience a boss who pukes out people? Who doesn't wanna see that in a videogame? :P

I'll buy Dante's Inferno, and enjoy the heck of it til God of War 3 comes out in March.

JokesOnYou3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Michael Cheng the Lead Level Designer for God of War2 is now the level designer for Dantes Inferno, I guess alot of people including myself didn't know that, hmmmm.... no wonder it looks so familiar, ah ha...well its good to see Visceral has put together a great team to work on this game. This trailer shows some fcking AWESOME gameplay, the background story of with the 9 circles of hell is very interesting, I mean and who doesn't want to go to hell kickass and take names, lol... I'm definitely excited by what I've seen so far from this game.


Cajun Chicken3268d ago

Good attitude.

Also, I didn't know that.

bpac1234567893267d ago

I really like what there trying to do with this game. There adding a lot of variety and the artistic vision is off the charts. In fact it might be more creative than God of War. God of War uses Greek mythology as its reference but they are combining the ideas from numerous artists as well as themselves, its only loosely based off of the "divine comedy". I really feel like there trying hard to seperate themselves from God of War and its working. This is shaping up to be a really creative and refreshing game. I'm getting tired of shooters and this type of hack and slash game will tide me over until GOW arrives in march.

Saaking3268d ago

PS3 owner hack-and-slash fans are in a great position: GOW III, Dante's Inferno, Castlevania, and Bayonetta. Excellent.