IGN: Cheers & Tears: PC Racing Games

Whether it's the thrill of sprinting around a track at high speed, or performing a death defying jump with a vehicle, racing games have always captured the hearts of gamers. The genre has really found a home upon the PC, where driving wheels and pedals, along with the higher end systems, provided a larger sense of realism for a racing experience. While consoles have been catching up with the simulation style racers, the PC has constantly balanced both arcade and simulation style racing for years.

With such a solid number of racing games, IGN decided to take a look at the best and worst racers from the past five years for the genre that always takes the checkered flag.

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Pandamobile3147d ago

GRID and Dirt are so much fun =D

-Mezzo-3147d ago

GRID was amazing i haven't played Dirt though.

dirthurts3146d ago

Before Dirt 2 comes out.
I liked dirt more than Grid. But they both rock.

darkmurder3146d ago

Why isn't Big Rigs in top 5?