XBOX 360 Games on Demand Sorta…

Dave from TGH writes:
"Ok so MS has finally revealed the launch line-up of games and what they are going to cost which you can get below.
But it wouldn't be a DaveDaGamer article if I didn't express my beef.
First of all the line-up. While it's almost a given that a download service would try to make money off a back catalog of games first (long tail economics for ya), but please explain to me, why these long released title are coming at a price of $19.99 - $29.99? Isn't that the same price that we can find these games at in retail stores?
Please tell me where the "cost" savings of not having to produce packaging, printing, pressing, advertising, shelf space are going? Definitely not to the consumers who are paying exactly the same thing.

I remember long ago that Nintendo was criticized..."

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