Why Dissidia was changed: Are Amercians and Europeans less patient gamers?

In an recent interview with the German PSP-Site Takeshi Arakawa, director and Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Dissidia: Final Fantasy explained why certain changes for Dissidia: Final Fantasy where made for the release outside of Japan.

The tutorial and base gameplay where shortened down to meet the demands of western players.

Takeshi stated: "The Japanese are an RPG culture, they don't mind to have tutorials lasting more than an hour. Outside of Japan players won't be so patient, so we reduced the tutorial length to 10 minutes."

He also mentioned: "The length of playing time till the credits was reduced from 40 hours in the Japanese version to 10 hours in the European and US version of the game. Content though, wasn't shortened and players will still need to play more than 40 hours to see everything. But the ending will be reached sooner for non Japanese players."

Again is was mentioned, that they would love to produce Dissidia 2 as sequel to the game.

The full interview can be found in the source.

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Raf1k13264d ago

Having played some of Crysis Core on PSP I thought the none combat parts of the game do take some time to get through.

Now I know why there are so many little "pauses" when there isn't anything going on and I still can't control my character to continue the game.

pain777pas3263d ago

The game has many mechanics and very cool ones indeed. The longer the tutorial the better.

Saaking3264d ago

This game is really good, although I'd rather that they'd kept it the same as it was in Japan. Still great though.

Xandet3264d ago

they couldn't just give the option. Not ALL western gamers fit into that impatient stereotype, so what would be the harm in letting us choose how deep we would like to learn the game before playing/completing?

Saaking3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

exactly. I know a lot of gamers over in NA and EU aren't used to it, but some of us enjoy it. It should be optional, but I'll take the game anyways.

nikada3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

damn. i played the japanese version almost all through, though i don't understand a thing, and personally i loved, how this game is lengthy. length=more time with your beloved game. Why would you shorten it?
Though i love the addition of arcade mode.
And on last note. I WANT MY DLC's. i really do. the game could reall7y use additional characters and arenas (zack tiffa aerith angeal genesis the trio from AC, noctis, lightning, snow, dark mage from ff1, more characters from ff XI and XII.)

Lucreto3264d ago

I would have prefered the longer tutorial to better understand the machanics of the game. Learning things in bit sized portions is far better than going head first into things. Hell I read the manual before I play a game or with other electronic equipment I don't leave it as a last option like many others.

I blame FPS games.

Ninji3264d ago

Everytime S-E trys to cater to the western audience their game flops. I guess if you want the real version of this game then you'll have to get the Japanese version. The European & American versions are flops.

TapiocaMilkTea3264d ago

It's pretty interesting studying about cultural differences in media, especially those movies/games cover art, it says a lot about the culture of the society.

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The story is too old to be commented.