Top 7 Sexy Geek Tattoos

GameGirl writes.... We geeks puff out our video game tee covered chests, adorn our necks with nerdy bling and even latch on our belt buckles Pac-Man style. One would say that this style of 1337 fashion makes us pretty hardcore. However, what about the select few who aren't turned on by the idea of an 8 bit color tie and would rather have their love for Geekdom inked?

Such dedication for putting permanent pixels on one's skin can only be commemorated by a list of the..

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Megaton2995d ago

Pinball tramp stamp... awesome.

-Mezzo-2995d ago

LOL, this was the best of them,thus i set is as the image here, some are really weird.

phosphor1122995d ago

My faves are 4, 2, and 1. Everything else seemed more like a turn off cuz..well they were just way to nerdy. lol.


GameGambits2995d ago

What happens when I tip this pinball table left and right I wonder?

Seriously though sex with her would be awesome to keep trying to get the high score. LMAO! The longer you bang her without squeezin a squirt is your score, and guys write it on her back. Try to become #1 and your reward shall be several STDS!

The Matrix2995d ago

Kratos tattoo spreads all the way across the chest with the chain blades going up each that would be awesome. Give bubbles if you agree.

GameForFame2994d ago

LVL Up on the chest FTL - major loss.

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Saaking2995d ago

I don't mean to insult anyone but I hate when women have tattoos. They just don't look good to me.

duplissi2995d ago

then you can have your tattoo-less women, i for one love tastefull tattoos and piercings especially on the females.... mm

Nateh8sYou2995d ago

It really depends on where they get them and what the design is. Some can look extremely trashy (btw girls should NEVER get tats around their chest/boob area), but a well placed one can look really sexy.

The triforce tramp stamp was the sexiest tattoo i've seen on a woman

duplissi2995d ago

yeah thats why i said "tastefull"

Ellessdee2995d ago

#1, 3 and 4 are actually kind of cool. the rest of them are awful though.

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The story is too old to be commented.