Eventually, You'll Be Able to Have More Than 100 Friends on Xbox Live

Micorsoft have confirmed that it is possible to have more than 100 registered friends on Xbox Live, but they don't know when it's possible.

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ThatCanadianGuy3151d ago

I wonder how much they will charge for that feature..

-MD-3151d ago

Free like every update. Troll better next time.

Freakwave0033151d ago

I don't even have 100 friends in real life.

kaveti66163151d ago

I will? Wow. My outlook on life has changed. Finally, friends. Yay. /s

Redgehammer3151d ago

I am very discriminating when it comes to adding friends. I have a criteria for adding them or accepting invites; and I have still had to cull my list way to many times. I would love for the limit to be raised.

incidentally: I never add kids, mic required, must not be a douche, and no freaking bigots (and yes you can be a douche and not be a bigot, but being a bigot automatically earns the moniker douche)

Rob Hornecker3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

This is some thing that should have been a no brainer feature from the launch of the 360. I had my xbox list full by the time the 360 came out.

As for the the "how much" question,I have seen a post or two on N4G about a platinum edition of XBL membership that will include the addition of a expanded friends list. I keep thinking that every time a update is mentioned that a expanded friends list will be included,but???

As for now,I like Redgehammer have become very picky who I add.Ofcourse you get people with the RRoD that have to ship out there xboxs for repair and not tell anyone on there lists and in turn get deleted. Unfortunetly I get bi**hed out by them because I deleted them

There also should be a "friends Status" feature included.Lets say a friends Xbox is down for repair...or automatic notify of there XBL membership canceled/expired. That would be nice!

Pootangpie3150d ago

heck I barely even reached up to 15 friends for Xbox Live