Buy Wolfenstien Get Downloadable Version Free

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Activision's upcoming Wolfenstein is sure to be one of the 'hottest' games of the summer. One retailer is cranking up the heat by offering more Wolfenstein for your dollar."

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dopeboimagic923238d ago

Sounds like a pretty good deal! I was thinking about getting Wolfenstein but figured I'd save the money for something else (like Shatter).

Sev3238d ago

Shatter is a fantastic game, my favorite PSN title so far.

So yes, buy this Wolfenstein package, and then use the left over money to buy Shatter. I'ts a win-win. You can't go wrong. Etc.

meepmoopmeep3237d ago

i downloaded the trailer off PSN,

is it just me or does the game look really bad?

dopeboimagic923237d ago


Did you look at the downloadable version or the new one?

dragon823238d ago

Would be sweet if I didn't already have Wolfenstein 3D.

Sev3238d ago

You can send me your code when you buy Wolfenstein from Amazon :)

sunil3237d ago

Good deal... but then again its Activision... After Mr. Koticks comments, I have decided to boycott all Activision games

Sev3237d ago

That's going to be a common theme amongst gamers. I really cannot blame the gaming community. He is a prime example of corporate greed.


whatever small interest there was is no more. activision is on my boycott list. Any game i buy from them is going to be pre-owned.

Lifewish3237d ago

good deal i guess but i wouldn't really say wolfenstien will be one of the hottest summer releases.

-Mezzo-3237d ago

what kind of weird deal is this.

Kushan3237d ago

Why is it weird? Buy the sequel, get the original free. Lots of games are doing it, including Modern Warfare 2 (COD1 comes with the hardened edition).
Not to mention the fact that Wolfenstein 3D is tied to the new game, allowing you to unlock a bonus in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.