Looks Like Sony Is Going To Roll Out PSP Firmware 5.55 Soon

Just got a build of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and it came with brand new firmware. The disc had a mandatory update to PSP Firmware 5.55. The last public update was PSP Firmware 5.51, which came out in June.

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Saaking3236d ago

Something to do with PSP GO I presume.

-Mezzo-3236d ago

i do not see any reasons to be excited about it. i am waiting for PSP GO.

inbfour3236d ago

Maybe it's to prepare for the PSP Go.

TheColbertinator3236d ago

So will the firmware actually be useful?

idiealot3236d ago

It stops piracy at the moment all the newer games will require 5.55.

Allowen3236d ago

Sony needs to launch a new browser for the PSP(s) like Opera browser.

So sad to see new constumers buying an expensive PSP Go and then while checking the system's web browser they will notice it is almost useless and ultra SLOW and bugged.

PotNoodle3236d ago

Yeah, because i'm buying a PSP Go for the web browser..

owait, no i'm not.

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