Bioshock 2 Hits Bondi Beach

At the start of the week, Gamerz Ink uncovered the story of various gaming websites around the world receiving a mysterious letter forged by one of the residents of Rapture looking for his missing daughter, with attached coordinates detailing the locations of beaches around the world. Mark Meltzer described these locations would be the recipients of some information washing up with the tide, and with Bondi Beach being the first location on the world map to receive the Bioshock 2 related information, at the crack of dawn this morning Gamerz Ink sent down some trusty staff members to investigate this strange event.

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Lilith_Belial3146d ago

those 2 plasmids aren't that "new" at all....I wanna see how the games doin so far, show us another preview build in an "ACTUAL IN-GAME" level

Vonsutton3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

I know what you mean dude, when we got down there we were quite disappointed to say the least. I thought they could have done a little more in the way of hype building.

iagainsti1203146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

They showed off an "ACTUAL IN-GAME" level.

I think that this game will be an instant classic like the 1st cant wait for it to come out

Kesalin3146d ago

Well guys just got back from Ground zero aka Bondi Beach and as Von Posted there really wasn't any thing truly fantastic about it however it seems that if the volume of bottles in the sand is any indication of what could have happened to Mr Meltzer's daughter, then I guess it looks like she was stolen by a bunch of piss heads!

Any whoo I hope you guys like the pics, It will be interesting to see if they raise the bar, in terms of promo material, at the other locations around the world.

As for me....yes Sutton it bed time. Or perhaps some World At War Zombies. PM me on xblive if you want! Gamer tag: Kesalin