Obsidian Veterans To Make Open Ended Zombie "ZRPG", form new studio called Doublebear

When chatting to lord of the vampires Brian Mitsoda and valkyrie warrior Annie Carlson during arranging their Gaming Made Me their post-Obsidian plans, they mentioned they were doing an indie-game. Which I decided to post another time, when there was more info. This week, they announced they were called DoubleBear and would be making an Indie RPG using the Age of Decadence engine. Which I decided to post about another time, when there was more info. And then they started talking about what their game was on the forum, being a freeform RPG with a zombie theme. And I decided to post about another time – another time called RIGHT NOW. All the currently available details beneath the cut…

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DreamcastFanboy3238d ago

I had this idea a long time ago but i am glad to see that someone is going to do this.

TheColbertinator3238d ago

Sounds like a fun game.Obsidian is a studio that collected many RPG developers across the industry including former members of black Isle studios.Seeing new developers come from there is always good to see