TheFeed: Nightcap Episode 2 - The Future Of The FPS, This Is Vegas, More writes:

Good news, everyone! TheFeed: Nightcap has been picked up for a full season! Not that the terminology is equivalent to television or anything, but whatever: it is officially on. (And don't worry, we already have the series finale written.) As always, leave your feedback in the comments below, and between denial-of-service attacks, keep up with us on Twitter via @g4tv and @TheFeed.

On this week's episode, marvel at the...

* ...fancy-pants television monitors in the background!
* ...sardonic anticipation of This Is Vegas!
* ...stat-tastic breakdown of Final Fantasy XIV (pronounced: "sieve")!
* ...future of the first-person shooter!
* ...Game of the Week, Red Faction: Guerrilla!
* ...Andrew's anger issues that are obvious to everyone but him!

TheFeed: Nightcap: It's like a warm summer's evening at the state fair. Even the smell.

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