It's Time: How to Fix the Xbox Live friend limit

This article addresses the issue of the Xbox Live friend list, which is shared with the Zune Social, giving you 100 friends max across both social networks. New guidelines are proposed, along with four methods of improving the current system to allow for growth. It's been 7 years since Xbox Live launched, so this is way overdue.

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Elven63264d ago

I could see why it will become a problem to people who uses multiple Microsoft services. It's unfortunate how despite being only 100, XBL has the highest friend limit out of the three services! :(

drusoicy3264d ago

I actually never looked at it that way...but it is also unfortunate because Xbox Live has been around for 7 years, without any increases in the friend limit. Between Gears of War games, Halo, the many multiplayer arcade titles, Call of Duty, etc...when you look at it on a per-game basis, 100 friends is VERY limiting.

KionicWarlord2223264d ago

You also can use windows live on your console .

Gives you some more "LIVE" friends .

Elven63264d ago

GFWL also uses your Xbox Live friends list, if it uses your Live email address than odds are your friends list is also being used. I guess this has something to do with Microsoft not realizing how big and quickly Live as a service grew.

drusoicy3264d ago

Yup, GFWL utilizes the same friend list, unfortunately :(

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