'Violent' Video Game Tax to Pay for Health Care Reform?

Taxing games are in the minority of suggestions on how to pay for President Obama's aggressive plan to reform his nation's health care woes, though most revolve around the idea of a so-called "sin tax" on chocolate, fast food, sodas, alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes and gambling. And violent video games.

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qface643123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

eh O_____O

pure pwnage243122d ago

Is Jack Tompson behind this???

bunbun7773123d ago

O ne
B big
A ss
M istake
A merica

Snake Raiser3122d ago

I highly doubt he would do this.

NaiNaiNai3123d ago

I still can't belive people actually voted for this idiot.

T_T hes about 5 times worse then bush Every was.


I can't wait till next term, I voting against him........Again.

Lucreto3123d ago

As least america has allies again which Bush isolated with its abysmal foreign policy and ran the country into the ground with a war that was based on a lie. Foreign leaders avoided Bush at the summits but Obama is greated where ever he goes. Anyway you have your opinion and I have mine. I just hope you are not a birther.

NaiNaiNai3122d ago

Wait ran our county into the ground. ROFL, Obama has now put the US in the largest amount of debt in US history. that he is also buying private buisnesses and making them government run....As for those allies, obama is making allies with countrys we are not on good terms with. most will just end it in a wim..

if anything. Bush was a much better leader then Obama can even hope to become half of....

And what lie....the UK backed US untill there troops started getting killed so they pussied out. T_T stop living in the NEWS paper and TV Media world. go to the source and find what people there really think before trying this again. k kid.

Boty3122d ago

Did you just say Obama Put the U.S in the largest amount of debt in history? Hes only been in office for not even a full year, and he has PUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF DEBT IN US HISTORY? How long was Bush in office? How many times did Bush do anything different, that didn't involve spending money, to get our country out of debt. N-O-N-E.

Stop being a baby and just accept the fact that you republicans SCREWED EVERYTHING UP. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

Snake Raiser3122d ago

I think a simpler way to say what the guy above me was trying to say is just that: Yes we are in the most dept ever, but 90% of that debt is from Bush's presidency, so don't go blaming it all on Obama. If you simply disagree that we should have universal health care that's fine, but don't blame Obama for stuff that happened before he was president.

Boty3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

Thank you Snake. Thats what I was trying to say. I get carried away when I hear stupid people speak their stupid logic.

sunil3122d ago

Obama bought respect to Americans with the rest of the world (some of it atleast)

Shnazzyone3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

how dare you... how much of a sheep are you? It's a well known fact that heritage foundation is a conservative propaganda group. Weren't they also the source of the so called "grass roots" taxation protest that was sponsored by fox news. Dude.. someone needs to teach you what a real source is. I bet you anything Bill O'rielly or Rush is who directed you to this site in the first place. Only a total idiot would publicly state they believe the garbage from that site. Did you miss the part where those numbers are apparently predicted numbers that span outside the time obama could even BE president anymore. So i suppose because they are a .org that means they have the magical ability to predict the future. They are giving stats for 2009 with numbers that DON'T EXIST!!!

This is why I hate the conservatives... as long as the source says they worship Jesus then you take whatever they say as fricking gospel. People like you ruin America for the rest of us.

NaiNaiNai3122d ago

Actually it was 10 seconds on google.

As for rush. Hes a complete idiot. I can't stand that guy.

look here. I am not directly involved on either side of the fence. I personally can't stand the government. Im against it all.

But I still know Obama has already screwed up more then bush did in his total time in office.

Shnazzyone3122d ago

as someone who watches Cspan regularly... I would have to disagree. It's actually quite hard to find anything he's done wrong thusfar. Other than making too many concessions in the name of bipartisanship and having an opinion on that stupid black professor case.

Otherwise he's done what he said he would do. It's just a shame that everything he does is mired in opposition and propaganda from the Cons. I bet he would have had Guantanamo bay closed by now if those psycho conservative didn't make it sound like we can't handle terrorists in our prisons. Which is total BS... compare a 3 times incarcerated gang member to an average Political extremist and tell me who's in danger behind bars.

You gotta be careful where you get you news dude. You gotta use common sense. Take a few political ethics classes and a journalism 101 course and it suddenly becomes alot easier to see through the BS in media today.

Meanwhile.. as far as anarchy goes... I used to be on that boat for the entire 8 year span of the Bush Administration. Then suddenly people were able to see through crap after getting raped for two terms and i for one am willing to give Obama a chance. He's had 5 months in office. He's gotta alot of crap to fix. If we're still in the spot we're in at the end of his 8 years... then revolution. Until then... you can't possibly judge an administration by the first 5 months. You just can't It takes a long time to get results from these kind of programs.

Cash for clunkers program is putting less gas guzzlers on the road and giving a boost to GM. This could mean more jobs and less pollution not to mention lower gas prices. That's just one example. There's more then that too. You just have to see through the crap and you'll see things are actually getting better. It's kindof inspiring really.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3123d ago

Obama is a communist and the only reason why he is a president now... well... we all know the reason...

scriptkiddie3123d ago

Since the majority of game buyers are under the legal age of voting and parents aren't going to care about adding a tax for games, it becomes a easy target that will easly be taxed.

This is how the all the taxes on smoking began. These people need money for their big government programs and your going to pay. there has already been a lot of talk of the sugar tax lately.

Tax and spend governemnt running your life - This is the "change" that everyone voted for.

Very sad

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