Mass Effect 2 visually blowing away Mass Effect 1

Bioware teases on their twitter account that new Mass Effect 2 screenshots are going to be revealed soon.They also add that even thou Mass Effect 1 was already beautiful game, ME2 visuals are blowing it away.

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ape0073214d ago

beautiful but some graphical issses,bugs and framrate issues pissed off some gamers

rroded3214d ago

both the o wow n wth...

lets jus hope they get this one running smother

Traveler3214d ago

Mass Effect is my favorite game on the Xbox 360 and I thought it looked great. There were a few issues but it didn't ruin the game in any way. It sounds like Mass Effect 2 is going to look amazing. I can't wait.

menoyou3214d ago

They've been saying the graphics are much better than the first Mass Effect since before they ever even revealed part 2. So far it looks exactly the same.

Aquanox3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

It's precisely those bugs which have been fixed in Mass Effect 2 they're not limiting to fixing stuff, but to dramatically improve virtually every aspect of the game.

Mass Effect 2 has all signs to become Bioware's Masterpiece... and as the Top Rated Western RPG maker, by achieving this it would naturally become the best western RPG created to date.

STONEY43214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

"So far it looks exactly the same."

If you've payed attention, the lighting and shadows are alot better, and that one planet they showed to demonstrate the exploration looked amazing too. It also looks more like Blade Runner and The Fifth Element now.

"by achieving this it would naturally become the best western RPG created to date."

IMO nothing is ever gonna be better than Deus Ex.

mikeslemonade3214d ago

Mass Effect is the best exclusive on 360. It blew me out of the water when I played it. I doubt they make the game look that much better than the 1st one. And mass effect 1 did have some framerate issues.

ShabzS3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

in mass effect 1 were amazing... i mean the detail in the expressions i havent seen before... i was amazed unreal was capable of that .... you could see every line and curve on warrex's face as clear as day and boy was he ugly...

and judging from the gamespot live demo of ME 2 running on 360 they have really put more effort into the console version and locked the framerate at 30 fps ... i cant wait for to play this game

likedamaster3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Mass Effect is very good looking, I can't believe they pulled that off and making it look even better in part 2. And although ME had really good facial expressions that crown belongs to Valve with Half Life 2 & the episodes. I made it an issue to compare the 2 because I was so impressed with Alyx and her facial expressions and Bioware touting their facial expression technology. My 2 cents on it.

NewZealander3214d ago

im only just playing mass effect for the first time now, and im so hyped for the sequel, uploaded it to the hard drive so i havnt found too many frame rate problems, still the odd pop in now and then.

love the game though, and if ME2 is going to blow the first one away then its got to be stunning because the first game is pretty good in the looks department.

Greywulf3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I doubt they can match the facial detail with the rest of the world. It could hardly run without an install after a few years of development. I doubt this extra time will provide a significant leap when its more than likely getting rushed out without a new engine. Last time I heard there was going to be some amazing sandbox game that was going to show off the 360's hardware, the sandbox portion was removed so the game could run. Last time I heard about a bigger better more badass graphics king, it wasn't even nominated for the award.

Its going on 3.5 years right? And there isn't 1 game in the entire lifetime that has been released which shows a significant upgrade from the previous title. But just like Gears2/Halo OSD/Left4Dead2/etc, people can pretend the graphics are phenomenal by next gen standards within the 360 community of course.

Lets remember this when the direct feed shows us detailed faces, fake depth of field, and low detail shaderless empty levels with lensflare & bloom. Devs need to stop BSing people.

Register your name/disagree right now for future reference.

All that aside, ME is the best recent western RPG out there. The graphics don't really matter for this experience at all. Nor do the bugs, else no one would have completed it.

u got owned3214d ago

@ Greywulf

I usually dont do this, but you are such a blind Sony fanboy that im impress with your fanboyism. You never have anything good to say about any X360 exclusive. Please if you love Ps3 so much and dislike x360 so much stay away from its article.

on topic, this game is going to look and play so good i cant wait.

beardpapa3214d ago

psssshh.... there was plenty of detail in the other planets that you visit especially the ones in the story. Most of the places like the ships and such w/ the "low details" I believe is because that's the design they were going for. If they added too much detail to the ships and such, it wouldn't give it the sci-fi feel to it.
I assume you saw this summer's Star Trek. Notice the bridge interior of the ship was rather plain cept the control interfaces?

Love the game. Don't hate.

I just hope they have more populated planets or space stations aside from just Citadel. It was kinda strange given a whole universe and most of the planets were just mere "outposts"

king dong3213d ago

i think its official are easily the biggest most butt hurt sony fanturd on this site congratulations! sony most be very proud of all the hardwork that you put into attacking their rival and its games. tell me, how much do sony pay you a month.....or are your only wages that what you get for doing chores around the house.

normally you can be found trying hard to attack forza, now you've moved onto other then you attack the sand box portion being removed from alan wake. man you're a loser. what about infamous? the game that pretends to be a sandbox, when all you can do is run jump and climb walls. it's just a free roaming beat em up with the most repetative missions i've yet seen. yet all the sony fanturds like yourself try and claim its the best sandbox game around....when it's far from a sandbox. did sucker punch remove the sandbox elements because of hardware limitations.??????????

anyway greywulf everyone knows you for what you are, it doesn't need me to tell them loser.

on topic, mass effect was a super game, and i'm pôsitive the sequel will be even better. haters be damned or buy a 360. you know fanboys, its great when you have both consoles, nothing better than choice.

KRUSSIDULL3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I want coop in this game.

And lets report Greywulf ok?

zack613213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

you must the biggest retard on this website. why do you hate the 360 so much? did it rape you or something?

xTruthx3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

You really need to do something about the people who keep making accounts on this site.

@ u got owned
it isnt a 360 exclusive, coming to PC

@ Aquanox
Have you played the game yet? You seem to know a lot more thats been said.

@king dong
From what I see, every one who doesnt like the 360 is a ps3 fan boy

While I agree I did like this game a lot, I have my doubts, this engine must be extreemely well put together. I think grey was just saying what the 360 fanboys where saying about some of their games, while he did talk more than needed to be said, I dk y people get so defensive, If you dont care y would you reply to it ? ill wait and see how this turns out, cus even with my gaming pc I have some lag probs on the game, hope they fixed it.

king dong33213d ago

i dont give a sh!t if what you hate or on what side of the fence. read greywulfs comment history for an insight in to the type of fanboy he really is.

i've got all the consoles, and i dont miss out on any fames because i couldnt bring my self to buying a console that i dont like. greywulfs just an annoying troll, normally if you want to find greywulf, just look in the forza threads....he hates it with a passion lol

Aquanox3213d ago

I haven't played it but have seen the gameplay previews. First think that attacks the eye is how fluent the combat is... unlike ME1 which didn't feel that natural. The framerate has also been dramatically improve with a gameplay as fluent as Gears of War 1 was.

The new characters are even more imaginative and intriguing than in the past, another score for Bioware, and according the IGN, the story promises to also surpass the already excellent one on ME1.

Put all that togheter and you have a hell of a game.

xTruthx3213d ago

@king dong
I dont you just ignore him ?

meepmoopmeep3213d ago

the only blowing i want is Sheppard and a Krogan in a "scene"
or else this game fails.

Greywulf3213d ago

The game still has high polygon faces, and low detail everywhere else, and no one could refute that. Which is what I said. Sure, its because they want it to be old sci fi like Star Trek.. thats why the worlds are empty as well..

Infamous speaks for itself, as do its reviews. It has nothing to do with the notion that 360 games don't really have that leap in graphics from sequel to sequel, and you (23+disagrees)all know this. Not only that, but Infamous wasn't advertised as a dynamic sandbox world, then downgraded\removed.

As I said in the first comment, Graphics don't matter though. Especially for ME because its a good game. But Devs for the 360 keep saying they are going to do dazzling visuals, then can't pull it off. And its been 3 years with easier hardware to develop for.

vhero3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Bet not on the 360 they nearly hit peak on 360 as the glitches started to show. Plus don't get me started on framerate issues that are not clearly there on the... erm... I said too much :)

STONEY43213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Ugh, I was gonna take a bunch of pictures to show Graywolf some of the textures, so I opened up Mass Efect and kept hitting f12 think I was taking screenshots, only to realize later that Fraps wasn't open! Anyways, the game is a mixed bag in the textures. Some of the textures, especially the rocks, look very good, but what was annoying is sometimes when you'd see a very good texture, there was an extremely ugly one right next to it. And the clothes textures are awful. Anyways, this all seems fixed in Mass Effect 2.

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GiantEnemyCrab3214d ago

I should hope so. There better be a huge graphical leap from the first one that came out 3 years ago. Not just visually but technically as well.

First day purchase for me.

kaveti66163214d ago

There's only so much you can expect from the Unreal Engine 3.

no_more_trolling3214d ago

too much alex jones eh lol

nice pic. ima put up on myself

beardpapa3214d ago

First day purchase for me as well... at least i hope. Is this game for next year or is it coming out this year around Forza's time? Cuz i'd be a sad panda if i have to juggle between ME2 and F3 .... too many games to enjoy this holiday!

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CobraKai3214d ago

i really hope they eliminate the texture pop up. Other than that, ME was one on the better uses of UE3. The others being Bioshock and the new Batman game.

siyrobbo3214d ago

bioshock was modified unreal engine 2.5

STONEY43214d ago

The first one had very nice graphics, and wasn't a grapihcs hog at all. The only 2 things I didn't like about the graphics were the textures, which even on ultra high didn't look that great, although there were some textures such as rocks that were extremely detailed. But the non-story planets looks awful. And the second thing are the dynamic shadows on character faces. I turned off dynamic shawdows because it just made the character faces look ugly. Other than that, the graphics were very pretty, and these two complaints seem fixed from what I've seen of Mass Effect 2.