Not a review: how Cross Edge nearly turned me mad

Destructoid: When it came out, Cross Edge hit with a relative flop. The title is a crossover RPG featuring characters from the realms of Capcom, Nippon Ichi, Namco Bandai and others as they attempt to reconcile why they've all been transported to an inter-dimensional world, why people are trying to kill them, and how they can get back home.

The game had a lot of potential behind it, giving us some of our most iconic characters from strong properties, in something that seemed fun and original. But, it all went wrong. The game did poorly in reviews, panned by many, and forgotten in favor of Nippon Ichi's next title.

I really wanted to like the game. I tried. Hard. But after playing the game for 15 hours, a lot of yelling, screaming and frustration, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Playing the game brought me to a low I hadn't thought I'd hit before. After the jump is my tale of how this happened.

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LiquifiedArt3147d ago

I'm like 30hrs deep. I like it.

The flaw as you said is the search system, but their are two ways around that.

1) Use a walkthrough 1/2 the time, or printed maps (this is what i do)

2) Save the game, use serum powerd and run around looking for souls when u find one make a mental note and keep going. Use up all yoru serum powder and find all souls in 1 area then reload your game and quickly find the souls that you already found. (makes it very easy)

Infact, Its acutally a very fun game with AMAZING combat mechanics. The real pain in the arse about this game is getting the "Truth ending". This will be IMPOSSIBLE without use of a guide. See I dont mind random encounters or searching the map for events, its not really that difficult to find what u need, however its impossible to get the full ending. Every time your search level increases, you have the "possiblity" of uncovering a soul that you couldn't before.

Do you understand what this means...For the "Uninformed" as I am NOT. They would wind up researching every single area they had searched for every search level gained. If you did this, you are a lunatic! Even using the #2 method would be very time consuming.

It gets better...So lets just say your a super-hardcore gamer beyond myself (which is hard to find), so you did the researching everything every level. OK thats fine. Thats completely "POSSIBLE" to do right? Its just time consuming and annoying. lol.. Now let me just throw this into the mix... Some Bosses you can't hit a certain character, Some bosses you have to kill in 5 turns or less, Some places you have to visit only at certain times in the game, oh yea, and if your not playing on HARD your not gonna get the FULL game outta it..

Did I mention HARD is like Final Fantasy 1 HARD? (I dont mind this so much, and as you gross combos and learn the game and synthesis system it does become easier, but be weary that at the early stages its very tough).

I still am playing the game now and am enjoying it very much. They did drop the voice acting quite a lot as you get deeper into the game, which is really ashame, and a really good story would of be fantastic, but the place where the game shines is the COMBAT SYSTEM. Its really Fun and you can acutally get "skilled" at it.

My Score: 8/10

*Know what your getting into, and at all minimum do what I do. Search an area, fully THEN use a map to make certain. If you want the truth ending you'll need a walkthrough, no way around that (which i'm also using, as little as possible). You can get a platinum in 1 GO With the Truth Ending!*