G4TV: Microsoft Will Eventually Raise Xbox Live Friends Cap, But Can't Say When

Patrick Klepek Writes:

It's unacceptable that Xbox Live, a trailblazing network in most regards, continues to limit users to a mere 100 friends. I rarely engage in online multiplayer and never foresaw reaching the cap, yet suddenly even I have almost 100 friends. The latest Xbox Live update brings a variety of new, welcomed features to the service, but continues to cap your friends list at 100. Why, Microsoft?

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N4PS3G3122d ago

My list is full..and it suks

-MD-3122d ago

I would have cared back at launch when I was adding people every single day but now I literally add like one person a year.

I made a solid group of friends the first couple of months and I haven't really went looking for more.

NaiNaiNai3122d ago

Yea I get FR all the time still, But I accept them, then 2-3 days later Remove them just so they leave me alone, and can't go....ACHT he removed me. *who was it again*....

My friends list never gets about 50