inFamous Keeps On Truckin

Andrej Dula from the EU PS Blog writes:

"Everyone knows that there are two great ways to make yourself infamous: get superhuman powers in a freak accident and use them to fling lightning bolts at anyone who annoys you, or get hold of a massive truck, pimp it out and take it on tour."

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clixx333239d ago

Wow...that's a pretty beastly truck. I just wish the US did stuff like that... >_>

SiLeNt KNighT3238d ago

i still wish they would put "Only on PS3" all over the truck. it might be obvious to all of us on N4G but the mass public doesnt know as much. glad to see some kind of marketing for this game though, it definitely deserves it.

cranium3239d ago

Do this to like 1,000 other trucks, scatter them around NA, and you've got yourself a kickass ad campaign Sony.

elorm93239d ago

It'd be cool if they did that kinda stuff here in North America

Close_Second3238d ago

...the final boss battle in InFamous and I'm amazed at how far games have come over the past 25 years. Who would have thought games like InFamous would ever be possible after playing a game like "E.T." on the Atari :S

iceman063237d ago

ALL OF THE TIME!!! Every time I get an amazing game, I just sit back and think about all of the time I spent imagining these kinds of graphics and sounds. This might be a foreign concept to the Playstation generation, but for those of us who fondly remember PONG as the home still AMAZES!!!

JonnyBigBoss3238d ago

inFamous was an outstanding game. Even better than that truck.

TheBand1t3238d ago

I dunno, if someone offered me a copy of inFamous or that truck, I think I'd opt for the truck.

Knightrid8083238d ago

To be honest, I'd go for the copy of the game. Imagine how much it would cost to insure that truck lol.

Sitdown3238d ago

turn around and sale the truck...and then purchase the game?

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