PlayStation Network and Gamebattles Auto Reporting

Playstation Blog writes:
Hi everyone! My group has been working hard with partners at MLG's Gamebattles to give competitive PlayStation gamers a better tournament experience. Last month it was secure registration and authentication between PSN and Gamebattles. Today we're happy to officially introduce auto reporting - a function of sharing game data between the PlayStation Network and Gamebattles tournament and ladder systems.

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TheHater3210d ago

MS goes after Facebook and twitter, while Sony goes after stuff that are more gears toward gamers and competitive gaming :)

elorm93210d ago

I hope that online games that were previously released (KZ2,Resistance 2, etc) get a patch for this. It's quite annoying having to take pics all the time in case we get the other team disputing a loss.

THC CELL3210d ago

siik in ur face microsoft lol

this is the best idea ever
lets hope it becomes a app on xmb

mario88883210d ago

This is Great news , so now they only need to add Killzone 2, Socom and COD.

I know Killzone aleady has a built in Clan Battles but soem clans also use Game Battles to clan battle too.

_Q_3210d ago

i like seeing the outside integration. Can't wait to see what this brings..

THC CELL3210d ago

i hope we get to join mlg comps

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