First PSP screenshots of Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Codemasters released first screenshots of the PSP version of Colin MCRae: DiRT 2.

The game will be heading to stores beginning of September.

Further screenshots can be found in the source.

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jonnyp7773083d ago

...not as good as i was expecting. hopefully the gameplay will be good though. probably won't touch it after gran turismo comes out. nice end of the year for psp though.

Close_Second3083d ago

...those small and low quality images however, it would have to be something outstanding to take attention away from GT:PSP.

ShinFuYux3083d ago

The lighting, the textures, the particle effects are all horrible. Jesus, i've seen way better looking games on the psp....

phalanx_mark3083d ago

psp screenshots rarely look good because the resolution on a 4.3" inch screen is so low, you have to judge it in motion preferably on a psp screen itself.
GT mobile itself looks average in screenshots because screenshots dont capture the lighting effects since by the nature these effects are dynamic(change over time) and need to be seen in motion to be appreciated.

Milky3083d ago

I think I will take Motorstorm: arctic edge thanks...

RGB3083d ago

wow PD have done amazing with Gran Turismo PSP compared to this game, getting DiRT 2 on PS3. this looks really poor.