Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV New Screenshots

Square Enix reveals 29 new screenshots, character renders and a lot of scenery of their new world in the upcoming MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

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ruibo3209d ago

Why did it have to be a MMO!

FamilyGuy3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Why are there articles about screen shots when the official site has been updated and can be viewed already? At least they link to the official site

GameGambits3209d ago

There is no reason for this article to exist on this or any site. All this person did was rip everything from the main FFXIV site as if they were "new" screenshots. Heck some of the screenies have been on the FFXIV site since it was announced at E3.

Who approved this crap?

Baka-akaB3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Why did it have to be a mmo ? because it has no effects on regular ff or even their schedules , except taking a number spot , in a list of numbers without ends in sight ...

Seriously this is ridiculous , it's not as if a solo FFIV would have arrived as soon as that mmo . It's already announced and coming so fast precisely because they know that as a mmo aligning it the same year wouldnt matter to both FFXIII and XIV , or hurt sales

Ps_alm3k3209d ago

why's never going to end anyways.

Saaking3209d ago

Looks kinda good but I don't really like MMOs so I'll probably pass.

ThatCanadianGuy3209d ago

I look forward to playing the PS3 version.

EpsilonTeam3209d ago

I'm more concerned of it's release date -which is 2010 at best for us USA/Europe- than anything else. End of year for the japanese. DAMN! I cant wait that long.

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