Motion Control and Disability

TheGameReviews writes: "Thanks to my life-long obsession with gaming, my mother inevitably learnt a lot about video games through me. She's beaten me at Tetris, teamed up with me through Bubble Bobble, and we've played mostly anything that she could get the hang of. Now she's pretty much commandeered my PlayStation 2 and Wii, and she even has her own Xbox 360. It might sound arrogant, but I'm pretty confident that I have a very cool gaming mother. She actually understand my madness when I explain my need to boost through multiplayer games on the 360 just to gain ten more achievement points. Sadly, my mother suffers from one frustrating disadvantage with gaming, and one that can restrict her somewhat – her physical disability."

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Wastrel53151d ago

A fantastic and insightful article. It's also good to hear someone talking about Nintendo's Demo Play in a positive light - its got great potential for opening up games to a far wider audience.

shoinan3151d ago

Does confuse me how people can get annoyed with something that's optional, and in this case really helpful :S

Haly3151d ago

Anything optional can't be terrible surely! Or at least that's how I see it.

mr durand pierre3151d ago

Terrific article! So many people go on about how the Wii is making games more accessible when really it's doing the opposite for so many people. Now, if only they could make games for the blind where you control them with your brain, bypassing the eyes entirely. Now THAT would be cool.

Shnazzyone3151d ago

first time i have ever heard this argument against motion as being an hindrance for a small segment of gaming. A really small segment for gaming... the segment where you have only your right arm messed up but not so messed up that you can't press buttons but just messed up enough so motion controls hurt a bit. It's a very convenient sounding argument to me but i'll let that go. I am sure motion controls aren't fair for everyone but it is admittedly interesting to see a new point of view on the debate even if it is an highly specialised one.

Haly3151d ago

Hurting 'a bit' would be somewhat of an understatement for many I suspect.

Petresco3151d ago

"the segment where you have only your right arm messed up but not so messed up that you can't press buttons but just messed up enough so motion controls hurt a bit." - eh?
That seems a pretty insulting attitude to take along with your patronising "very convenient sounding argument to me but i'll let that go."

I'm not sure criticising a piece that highlights the lack of support in motion controls for those with disabilities is particularly considerate. If Nintendo are all about making their games and console accessible to a wider market then they have to start considering those with physical problems.

Shnazzyone3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

I'm sorry but i take a stance of skepticism on most online journalism. I'm not saying it's all not true i'm just saying that it sounds fishy. Am I the only one who thinks it sounds fishy for a gaming journalist to have a mother who has injuries which make motion controls difficult in this day and age. When there are studies coming out every day about how wii sports is helping Senior citizens with arthritis gain more flexibility.

I'm sorry but pity alone never clouds my better judgment. Especially when games that have dialogue and no subtitles still remains a problem for deaf gamers and hundreds of older people suffer from arthritis making classic controls totally impossible.

Like I said it all just seems convenient.. I'm just calling it as I see it. Great argument for optional demo mode though... I have to say that much.

ChickeyCantor3150d ago

Its actually double edged.
I remember an article about a girl who hand no hands, who was able to enjoy games due the Wii.

For some people its a miss, for others it could be great.

You know, you can't keep up with every demand, even a normal "gamepad" could cause many problems for people who have "physical" problems.
As much as I would love to see anyone game as much as every other person, it just doesn't always happen.

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ChickeyCantor3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

" So physical, in fact, that my arms were actually aching quite badly the following day after frantically trying to create potions and win duels"

...I seriously wonder how these people play games.
( and this is the guy talking not the mother)

But never looked at Demo play this way...sounds great for people like his mom. If Nintendo puts it in all of their games.

SirLarr3150d ago

Gamers tend to get way too mired in traditional thinking. Everyone dismissed Demo Play, but I think it's a great option for exactly the reasons the author explained.