Tech-Gaming Interview: Ode to the Old School- Secret Saturdays Revealed

Tech-Gaming writes: "As we mentioned in our interview with High Voltage Software producer Cameron Rains, licensed software aimed at a younger demographic is often of lackluster quality. Publishers realize they can turn a quick buck by putting a minimal of energy and funding into a recognizable product. A few moments with High Voltage/D3's The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun looked to debunk the trend. The title clearly draws inspiration from NES favorite Bionic Commando, with a grappling claw mechanic that sends the protagonist feverishly swinging around the screen. As a testament to the quality of this early build, we had a hard time putting the Wiimote down- we're eager for the final version this fall. Today, we pose our questions toward Secret Saturdays producer Josh VanVeld."

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