The Portable Gamer PSP Review: Rock Band Unplugged

TPG says, "The first thing to realize when you play Rock Band Unplugged is that you must leave your biases at the door – this game isn't attempting to 'simulate' playing a musical instrument at all, and makes no effort to feel like it. This is a game that has set out to approximate the Rock Band experience on your PSP, and the victim in this conversion was any feeling of playing a musical instrument. This is especially apparent when playing the singing parts – there's just absolutely no connection between what you're playing and what is supposed to be happening. I think it would have worked better if for some songs, you had the option to play rhythm guitar or electronics parts instead of the vocals, as this would've felt a lot better than playing vocals. My suggestion is to get over this and to just enjoy the game for what it is instead of what you expect it to be."

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roblef3214d ago

Thank. Gods. I really hoped this game wouldn't suck.

wondroushippo3214d ago

As much as I love rock band, it is hard to get behind a game without plastic instruments.

roblef3214d ago

Now I'll go and grab a copy. Sounds worth my $30.

bgrundman3214d ago

meh... I still don't know about that.

supercharger51503214d ago

I get the naming scheme but I kind of wish they'd called it something else. Makes me think of MTV Unplugged too much and I expect it all to be acoustic.

wondroushippo3214d ago

I agree. I liked the "Rock Band Portable" name that was thrown out originally. Or I may just be making that up.

-Mezzo-3214d ago

looks good, might get it .

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