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Could you soon be paying over $200 for a single video game?

In light of CEO Bobby Kotick's recent remarks, Pushing Buttons takes a look at the slow (but steady) rise in retail prices seen by recent Activision releases.

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pure pwnage243294d ago

Activision , killing the gaming industry, one day at a time

qface643294d ago

its people like bobby that are gonna screw up the industry if they had their way

geez i don't even know this guy yet i really dislike him

ThanatosDMC3294d ago

We have the power of money. Not buying their games will make them bow down to us.

I say no one buy MW2. That outta shut em up.

qface643294d ago

you speak the truth but people will never realize that they will just keep buying and complaining and do nothing about it

Venomish3294d ago

I canceled my MW2 preorder yesterday
I payed enough for World at War + all 3 map pack

xTruthx3294d ago

I canceled my pre-order

IdleLeeSiuLung3294d ago

Bobby is not killing the game industry, if anything the select few that consistently pays anything for it will.

Personally, I would never buy a game for $200 (or more) unless it is another Ninja Gaiden game made by Itagaki!

topdawg1223294d ago

This guy truly is a douche, but I can't lie im probably gonna still get mw2. I remember games costing over 80$, but that was in the sega saturn days and look how that turned out

IzKyD13313294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I always thought it was crazy to charge so much extra for a piece of plastic that probably cost like 6 bucks to make during production, but according to Activision, it's worth 40 bucks. Wait, whats this?

a REAL electric guitar can be purchased for less than the price of Guitar Hero World Tour.....(I was being generous here, you can get an electric guitar for like 70 bucks if you know where to look)

ultimolu3293d ago

...Just wow.

Is he serious?!

NaiNaiNai3293d ago

Both my guitars cost me less then 300$ all together.

The black/red one is Les Paul Special II *169$ NEW

the black one is a Silverton Strat *110$ NEW

You Already Know3293d ago

if the US has hyperinflation, then yeah....$200 a game...

jmare3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Actually, people already have. Look at WoW. And Rockband and Guitar Hero 37. Funnily enough, all of these games are (now) from Activision.

EDIT: Can't forget WiiSports. People have been paying $250+ to play that game.

Millah3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Well to be fair, games themselves still cost 60 bucks. And 60 bucks actually isn't that much, SNES games and N64 games both used to cost 60 bucks brand new. People seem to forget that. I know it was because of the cartridges, but still.

The thing I don't get it is how are 360/PS3 games 60 bucks yet the same game on PC will cost 50. Doesn't make sense.

But yea screw this guy!! How do these clowns become CEOs who are obviously very much out of touch with the industry they are a part of.

*edit* @jmare: well Wiisports comes with arguably the greatest bundle-in of all time, which is a Wii console LOL xD

GameGambits3293d ago

They won't screw anything up other than their own company. I personally hate Rockband, Guitar Hero, and just about any simulation game like that when I could be doing the real thing in real life.

"I'm amazing at Guitar Hero. I spend 2093402 hours at it and kick so much butt!" People like this need to reevaluate themselves and their lives. You could've spent that time and energy into actually learning to play real guitar which impresses ALL(not most) people way more than being good at Guitar Hero.

Sarcasm3293d ago

yeah zlatko

why play call of duty when you could join the military and shoot real life terrorists instead?

you're missing the point of guitar hero, rock band, etc..

it's a GAME.

If you hate the guys who spent 20532032402 hours mastering it, all that says is he's mastered guitar hero while you're pissing and moaning and being a little hater.

just putting things into perspective.

tripewire3293d ago

Not bad.

I just got a Spector 4 banger for $1300. When games get that expensive im quitting gaming :D

FFXI1013293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

canceled my pre-order too. Keep talking Bobby, next thing I'll do is to trade in my COD4 and WAW then stop buying games.

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Saaking3294d ago

200!?!? That's the price of 360. You could get a PS3 for the price of 2 games. That is insane and if that happens then I guess I'll stick to renting or just find another hobby.

Venomish3294d ago

if that happens I would just go and buy an xbox and play pirated games.

El_Colombiano3294d ago

I hope he fails so horribly with Activision they fire him. I almost hate him as much as Jacky boy.

poindat3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"Ironically, as development costs explode for studios..."

Too bad these Activision peripherals are nothing but cheap hunks of plastic... that you have to pay out of your ass for. What a bunch of crap.


I'm gunna shove that guitar he's holding so far up his arse he's gunna be able to play guns'n'roses on GH with his small intestine

3293d ago
Sarcasm3293d ago

and when you're done with the drums. i'm gonna shove a prestige edition MW2 so far up his rear end he's going to be playing the guitar and drums with night vision