The Portable Gamer iPhone Review: Pinball Fantasies

TPG says, "Quickly, if you want to play pinball on your iPhone, go get "Wild West Pinball". That is how it's done folks. I should have known this game would be smashed ass when I saw the four 3.5" floppy disks representing the 4 different pinball machines you get in this lame collection. This wasn't a clever visual metaphor, it was the truth: this is a direct port of a game that was probably made in 1989 for a 486 PC with EGA graphics, and it's all here for you, 20 years later just as it was then, for your hi-tech portable super phone. For $5.99. The only real explanation for this price that I can think of is the developer had to license this property (as one of the splash screens reveals) and must have paid way too much. (I hope they paid 6 dollars for the license so they can break even after all the expected sales.)"

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bgrundman3213d ago

I actually bought this game and am kinda enjoying it.

supercharger51503213d ago

The price does seem pretty steep for what the review implies. And for a "kinda"

wondroushippo3212d ago

You bought it despite it being smashed ass? Hah!

roblef3213d ago

I'm not sure I agree with the reviewer here. i think the retro graphics and menu items are brilliant, and people LOVE retro. The price is fairly steep, though, I'll grant him that.

bgrundman3213d ago

Your right, it is very overpriced considering this is a port of an old DOS game.

roblef3213d ago

This guy just sounds angry.

supercharger51503213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

lol, true or not, "smashed ass" is hilarious

MaCkTeHkNiFe3212d ago

It must have been pretty freakin' bad then.

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