ARS: Batman: Arkham Asylum demo sells game, characters feel fresh

Batman has been doing a good job of delivering what seems to be an adult experience in Teen-level ratings these days. The Dark Knight was a sometimes-disturbing look into the world of Batman, with a now-iconic take on the sociopathic joker... that came with a PG-13 rating. Batman: Arkham Asylum likewise delivers a brutal fighting system and mature themes in a game that comes complete with a Teen rating. The demo for the title is out now-for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC-and it's pretty much your duty as a gamer to give it a go.

Batman has rarely been treated well in the gaming world, but Arkham Asylum strikes the player as a game that understands its characters. The Joker is never really locked up in Arkham, not really. It's simply a place where he is able to safely plan and scheme; what better place for the crown prince of crime than one where he is surrounded by his fellow criminals and mad men? Arkham Asylum points out that this is one of the few places that the Joker feels at home, and even in the introductory scenes Batman seems out of place and even somewhat awkward. The point is made: Batman is comfortable stopping the Joker's plots, but once he's apprehended there is no clear idea of what to do with him.

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DonCorneo3214d ago

combat is button mashing. only thing this game has it excellent voice overs and batman.

CryWolf3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I don't understand if its only me but the Batman Arkham Asylum demo is too small to do anything in the game.