GamingTalkHQ's Pinball FX XBLA Review

Pinball FX hit the Xbox Live Arcade last week for the price of 800 Microsoft points. GamingTalkHQ didn't want you to go and waste your precious points so they played it, and are ready to tell you if it is worth it.
They state that The best thing in the entire game is probably graphics. The colors on the tables look clean and vibrant, and it looks this good even If you are not on a HD T.V.

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Darth Gamer4245d ago

I find this to be the best pinball game I have ever played besides the real thing. Graphics are fantastic and the whole feel is great. I'm also loving the multiplayer. In fact I am currently ranked tied for #1. I can't get enough. I do have one complaint though, and that is that the game crashes very often and I hope they iron this out. Not while you are playing, but while you are in the lobby waiting for a game to start and get players. Does get frustraiting. Other than that, I really recommend this title.

Boon Tarkas4244d ago

but I love this game. And well worth the $7.75 CND.