Final Fantasy XIV Website Goes Live

Today Square Enix announced that the website for their PC/PS3 MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. It's not just a lame teaser site with a shiny logo, either.

The website contains information on the game world's storyline, locations, and races. There's also a brief overview of the game's mechanics, such as the different "disciplines" (sets of skills) a player can specialize in. Should all this text start to bore you, there's a trailer and screenshots as well.


baraka007 was kind enough to provide the website link:

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meepmoopmeep3091d ago

this site could have at least left a link to the actual site, yeah?

PS360WII3091d ago

lol I know! This is just mean :(

Myst3091d ago

Everything is in motion for this game, now all we need is an exact release date and my plan to take over the wor-- I mean play this wonderful game will be set.

jdktech20103091d ago

Talk about putting the cart before the horse....the 13th one isn't close to coming out and they're advertising the 14th????

Does that not make sense to anyone?

baraka0073091d ago

jdktech2010 it makes sense to everyone... 13 is a single player game 14 is a MMO.

Anyway for those wanting a website link here it is http://na.finalfantasyxiv.c...

Nineball21123091d ago

Thanks! I'll put that web address in an update to the story.

jdktech20103089d ago

Well, now I'm just embarassed.....completely forgot that

My bad....My apologies to Square Enix then....makes more sense now

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