Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins Hits PSN

There are difficult games and then there are difficult games. I'm not talking difficulty that you can manage at some point(s), like God of War or Ninja Gaiden (Xbox). I'm talking about difficulty that causes you to physically abuse… well, everything in plain sight.

Ghosts 'n Goblins is one of those games that tests your patience and hasty reflexes as you battle your way through zombies, demons, boogeymen, and whatever the hell else the game throws at you, in an attempt to – get ready for this people – rescue a princess. I'm pretty sure that 99.9% of you out there are familiar with this NES classic and will be glad to read that the Ultimate version – which was released on UMD disc for the PSP in 2006 – will be available on PSN… for the PSP… for a second time (only this time, it's a download).

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DlocDaBudSmoka3241d ago

its been on the psn for a while now. i was gonna buy it until i seen it was for psp.

starvinbull3241d ago

Please nobody waste your money.
It's not that it's a bad game because it's an awesome game.
There's just some things that mortals like you and me aren't meant to do though. Completing ghouls and goblins is one of them.

NMC20073241d ago

I have beaten all the ghost n goblins, ghouls n ghosts, super ghouls n ghosts with no problems, I am sure this will be no different.

MelaDarkwood3241d ago

I don't know about the older games, because I never played them, but I played this one on my PSP, and while it was difficult-that stupid dream world where you're moving on a cloud was particularly frustrating-I eventually got all the rings and beat the game. Of course, you're asked to do it again, but I haven't gotten around to beating it again. (Not sure what happens after that. Stupid cloud level.) Can someone who's played all of them tell me how this Ghosts 'n Goblins game compares to the originals? I'm kinda curious.

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