Spong First Looks - Batman: Arkham Asylum

Spong: I want Batman: Arkham Asylum to be good. I want it like I want beer on Fridays and paracetamol on Saturdays. (That's a lot).

So far this year on the superhero front X-Men Origins: Wolverine disappointed me and inFamous showed me how good a superhero game can be without bothering to use a license. The Dark Knight's next up to Bat†. With inFamous out there, being all awesome and [PROTOTYPE] not being sh!t, we need a win for the licensed guys, or it's going to be DIY superguys everywhere. The good news is – so far, so good.

Things kick off with the now-familiar (to anyone who's being following the trailers, anyway) scene of Batman driving The Joker up to Arkham. A bit of cutscene chatter later and (shock!) The Joker reveals that it is in fact he who is running the madhouse now. You can almost smell the coffee in the Rocksteady meeting in which they sat down and said, "How can we fit as many of Batman's villains as is humanly possible into a Batman game?".

Anyway, there is some plot, pure gameplay-driving device or not, and for now that's sufficient.

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