I Am Alive due out in 2011?

Eurogamer writes: "Ubisoft's upcoming survival game I Am Alive may not be out until 2011, if one of its game designers' online profiles is accurate.

Arch internet-watcher superannuation today dug up the LinkedIn profile of Charles Gaudron, who lists himself as senior game designer at Darkworks, and has the following in his summary section: "I Am Alive (PS3/X360, Ubisoft, 2011)"."

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Sonyslave33178d ago

is this game going to be a xbox 3/ps4 launched game.

free2game3653178d ago

Considering that hardware isn't even finalized and new consoles wont be out till 2013 at the earliest likely, no, it wont be.

Raoh3178d ago

Something tells me this game will be announced as canceled early next year.