AppChatter Review: Flight of the Hamsters

AppChatter writes: "Did you enjoy shooting the cat through the air with Kitty Kannon? If so, then you are sure to enjoy Flight of the Hamsters by Cartoon Network. It features a new furry friend flying through the air. Only this time there are no dogs to eat them or spikes to impale them. See how long you can keep the hamsters in the air, before they crash land. Or better yet, give them a softer landing with a skateboard.

While flight of the hamsters is similar to the cat in the cannon games that we are all familiar with, there are some differences, which I think make the game a little easier and more fun to play. First, the cannon itself is gone. The hamsters launch off a springboard. Instead of swiping your finger across the screen to determine velocity and trajectory, you simply tap on the screen when the launch meter is as close to the middle as possible. This method of launching seemed to yield a much more reliable result and was a lot less frustrating for me."

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