Best Buy testing price matching of used games

"Why buy used when you can buy new?" asks a new Best Buy retail display discovered in West Jordan, Utah [via CAG]. According to the poster, Best Buy will offer new video games for the same price as used equivalents from GameStop and GameCrazy. With GameStop's used prices at least $5 cheaper than retail price, shoppers are guaranteed to get a small discount on every new game at this Best Buy location.

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Nitrowolf23240d ago

Wow that is great, i hope this goes nationwide. I mean ive found MGS4 for 29.99 used at gamestop, so what best buy is saying is that they will give me a new one for that price? that great. If this happens nationwide there will be no need for me to visit gamestop.

CobraKai3240d ago

That would be so awesome if they did. I'd just buy all muh games from The Buy

I sold 1 used (last gen) game at Gamestop. paid me 13 bucks and they were selling the same title used for 45. Total rip off.

Nineball21123240d ago

Yeah, this would be great. I wonder what you'd have to use as proof of what Gamestop or Gamecrazy were selling their used games for?

LOL... Take a cellphone picture?

Nitrowolf23240d ago

@ cobrakid i wanted to sell Fallout 3 they said 13.50, looked at there used price and wtf 45 bucks?

Carl14123240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

"Why buy used when you can buy new?"

Because it was made/published by Activision!

shadow27973240d ago

MGS4 retails at $29.99, it's a Greatest Hit. If they're selling it used for that price, you're getting ripped off. I bought it for $19 used including shipping =).

I wonder what the limitations are for this?

indysurfn3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

This is AWESOME. Best buy has laid down a strategy gauntlet! What took you so long best buy? It is like this, best buy has started to add a little cement to gamestops food. They will need to, go to the bathroom more Often to keep from getting constipated(relieve themselves of used games inventory). The only way for them to stop from getting blocked up is to lower their used game prices a lot.

If you don't lower the price, the consumer will simply trade in the game at gamestop, take the cash, and get a new game at used game prices at best buy. Even if gamestop, stops the cash for game (which would be a shot in the foot), people will still buy all new games at best buy, and possibly trade in at gamecrazy. Or they will simply use credits for things like controllers, and magazines, and guides. And only more used games (instead of used and new games).

Not lowering the used price, will cause gamestop to have inventory increases beyond what is normal. Which usually forces them to lower the prices anyway because they have too many copies (see the multiplying effect).

Another thing is if everyone is buying new games at best buy, then gamestops new game sales will decrease. The greed is turned back upon them! Gamestop needs the new/used game synergy, best buy has many other, non game synergys. And better new game prices.

Once the Christmas season begins guess what? People will buy children, and boyfriends, and girlfriends new games at best buy at used gamestop/gamecrazy prices, MULTIPLYING the increase used games inventory effect. Plus the usual increase you get from the AAA title block buster holiday releases anyway.

Plus the fact that game crazy is in the picture means that gamestop will have to lower a LOT of prices right off the bat, to compete with best buy matched prices with gamecrazy! The reason being is gamecrazy (at least the two I go to) have way better prices than the game stops I have in my area.

Best buy Knows gamestop has to lower the prices to keep from getting too much inventory. The biggest reason people buy games there is trade ins. And to abuse the try it policy. Most for trade ins. It used to be because they where the only ones to get games in on launch days. Now everyone gets games on launch days (and ironically some gamestop close to me DON'T, or only get a few copies). Plus as you can see from comments, gamestop has built up a bad reputation. Just like.......Circuit City. There is no real customer loyalty when you abuse your customers, gamestop is in trouble, ops!

I'm going to find a Utah forum, and encourage people to take advantage, so it can be a successful pilot program

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TheHater3240d ago

Hope this become nationwide because this is amazing and hopefully slow down the used game market.

FragMnTagM3240d ago

Goody job Best Buy. Wow it is amazing usually this company has the highest prices on anything except when they have a sale.

-Mezzo-3240d ago

finally Gamestop rip off will come to an end.

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