Study: 40 Percent Of US Homes Have Gaming Console, As HDTV Adoption Rises

Forty percent of US households own a video game system, according to a report this week from the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

But that number is flat from last year, said the study. The most notable growth area was in high-definition television adoption. HDTV ownership grew from 35 percent last year to 53 percent this year.

The growth in HDTV is good news for the high-def console players Microsoft and Sony, whose hardware and entertainment services were designed with HDTV capabilities in mind. Meanwhile, the standard definition Nintendo Wii is the runaway leader this console generation.

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CrayzeeCarl3243d ago

53%?!? I would never have guessed it was higher than 25%!

Mr Tretton3243d ago

that is good news, that the HDTV adoption is climbing fast.

Nineball21123243d ago

It is good news... and hopefully it'll translate into more sales for this gen's consoles.