Enclave Coming to the Wii

That Gaming Site writes: "Village1 Entertainment has announced they are working on a Wii port of Starbreeze's 2002 cult hit Enclave."

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Ziriux3149d ago

Yes yes yes!~ Oh my god yes!

Elven63149d ago

I bought Enclave on the Xbox but I never got around to playing it! :(

I hope for the Wii port they don't do something ridiculous with motion control like they've done with other such "ports".

Ziriux3149d ago

Well you bet your behind they will use the motion technology I mean that's the Wii's gimicky tool that they must show off.

mrv3213149d ago

I thought this meant Fallout coming to wii... I was disapointed.

callahan093149d ago

There should be more ports of last-gen games to the Wii. Revitalize them a bit. Why not? Some of Sega's games for the Xbox would be great, like Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, GunValkyrie, Crazy Taxi 3, what have you. Oh! Somebody should port over the Knights of the Old Republic Games! Give a really big audience the chance to play those again. I never got around to playing them, but never stopped hearing how wonderful they are. Maybe if they went to the Wii I'd pick them up.

Dick Jones3149d ago

I remember it being a pretty challenging game years ago on the xbox. I can't imagine challenging sells too well nowadays on the Wii though.