Games on Demand: Pay $100 for Mass Effect

Games on Demand hasn't even officially launched yet, but Microsoft's penchant for greed has already reared its ugly, drooling head, causing concern for gamers. Titles have popped up on the service already, and NeoGAF has been keeping tabs, noting that there is no worldwide unified price point, and some prices in certain territories are insane.

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FragMnTagM3264d ago

what a douche. Even his pic makes him look like even more of a douche. This guy needs to get out of games journalism. I have never seen anything good or newsworthy come out of him.

50CALheadshot3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

when i visited australia.....

their way of life is a little more expensive, but realistically, jobs pay more to compensate for the higher price of life.

and on the flipside of things, if you dont have a career or a "ok" paying job, then i can also see the problem here

MNicholas3264d ago

Most people cant do math. Most people will just blindly keep adding points till they reach the number of points required. Yes, consumers are that stupid. Therefore they deserve to get ripped off.

DMason3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I have a feeling it's not a final price. If they're slowly updating, Im sure there's a few glitches still.

There's no way Mass Effect is $100 bucks.

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Anon19743264d ago

But standard price for a digital download that's already a couple of years old and can be bought for $10 used? I think not.

green3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Pls can you provide a link to a store that sells Mass Effect in Australia for $10?

presto7173264d ago

It really makes no sense to charge more when the buyer isnt even getting the freaking disk. I thought the whole point of digital download was to eliminate physical media / retailer's cut and make the game cheaper.

But then again, this is Microsoft we're talking about....

Hoolock3264d ago

the games on demand price is too high and until they drop i will still buy physical copies. Im a big fan of the Digital download idea and it is the future for all media (ISP willing) but charging this much for games i can pick up cheaper is not the right way to do it even if i am promised i can always redownload and will always have a perfect copy, its just too high.

Anon19743264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Price $9.99. I picked up two for friends that I knew hadn't played it yet. And the Canadian Dollar and Aussie buck are about the same (It's like $10 Cdn = $11 Aussie).

Still a far cry from $90. Most new games here are between $50-$60.
Future shop regularly has Mass Effect on for $29.99 and even they a couple of weeks ago had it at a sale price of $9.99 (but that sale's over). Here's the regular price.

Still, $90 Aussie for a downloaded game is extortion considering they could just go on Ebay, buy a copy for $15 bucks Aussie from the US, pay the extra $15 shipping and they'd still come out $60 ahead.

Arnon3263d ago

Pricing in Australia is a lot lot lot different from America and Canada, bro.. however, I do agree that this is still about $20 too high for Australia.

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-Mezzo-3264d ago

If we are talking about Australia game prices then this article is useless.

jahcure3264d ago

Australia game prices are high because of the luxery taxes and import taxes, shipping etc. With DD all these taxes are circumvented. What MS is doing it capitalizing on the taxes and not having to pay them which is really a d1ck move. But then again remember the xbox fanboys going off about DD being the future and blu-ray isn't needed etc. So i guess this is ok since it's what they wanted

Vespertine3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

This is getting out of hand and this guy isn't helping at all.

The prices have always been higher for games in Australia.

I mean yeah, the price IS ridiculous but there's nothing WE can do about it.

poindat3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Assuming that I didn't mess up the conversion, isn't that still around $84 USD though? For a game that is almost 3 years old? I know that prices are higher in Australia, but jeez...

I feel really bad for our Australian friends.

Cherchez La Ghost3264d ago

I love my 360, but I'll never pay the prices that they want. That ridiculous!

ape0073264d ago

I have the update

mass effect is 19.99$

SaberEdge3264d ago

$19.99 seems reasonable. Not great, but reasonable. If it was $17.99 or something it would be a bargain. I love the idea of having full retail games right on my hard drive that I can play anytime, without getting up and switching a disc.

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