Spong Review: Fallout 3 DLC - Mothership Zeta

Spong: "The Mothership has landed. Mothership Zeta is the latest and last of the Fallout 3 dowloadable content packs to spin out the number of hours and pounds gamers can spend roaming the post-nuked wastes of America in 2277.

Geeks have strange perceptions of fiction; tamper with a pre-rationalised concept at your peril, for there is nothing so incisive and scornful as a nerd in what the rest of humanity would call 'suspension of disbelief'.

Geeks believe. They need to: they have no God except rationality and no place of worship other than their darkened rooms. The most iconic of Geek fictions, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, have centuries if not millennia of pre-narrative; scientific reasoning, languages, history, which have essentially no bearing upon what noobs would see as 'the point'. To geeks, they are sacred, immersive tomes giving worth to what others see purely as entertainment – the saps."

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